The grind of being a WordPress newbie

I like to think that I pick things up fairly quickly. A couple of years ago I taught myself Adobe InDesign to create a book for the American Legion’s 100th year in Norwalk. Once I got past the structure, the nuance was in the features that could only be found if you spend time with it.

Same goes for WordPress. In the 3 short weeks since the site has been up and running, I’ve picked up some valuable tools simply by mousing around on the site and asking the question “what does this do?” I have a limit to how far I explore. If I have a hunch that I might break the website if I click a certain something, I back off and search the internet for an answer or a definition first.

It’s been a pretty intuitive experience but time consuming also. I’m looking forward to finishing the rest of the 100+ posts over the next 2-3 days so I can get my life back!

Published by jeffd1121

USAF retiree. Veteran advocate. Committed to telling the stories of those who died while in the service of the country during wartime.

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