July 26, 1919 (Norwalk, CT) – June 30, 1944; 24 years old; unmarried
Last local address: 2 Rockridge Drive, South Norwalk
Service number: O-2044436

He had previously been awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross and the Air Medal (three times).

Took part in Operation Tidal Wave, the raid on Ploesti on 1 August 1943, as observing Co-pilot on B-24 Liberator (serial number 41-23682).

Edward died in the line of duty of a non-battle related incident when P-38J #42-67687, which he was piloting, crashed for an unknown reason in Romania during the war. At 2033 hours, Captain Edward B. Giorchino, pilot of P-38 #42-67687 took off on his initial check flight. Aircraft checked in with the control tower and took off on Runway 27. At approximately 2112 hours the aircraft with gear down on the downwind leg made what appeared to be a normal approach. The aircraft came in a little high over Runway 27. The pilot applied more throttle to go around and passed over the runway at approximately 200 feet, where it continued on a heading of 270 and crashed into a small field at approximately 2114. From ground observations it appeared the aircraft bounced from its initial landing point in the small field and crashed into a tree and the right engine and right wing came off. The remainder of the aircraft spun around into another tree completely demolishing the aircraft. The aircraft burned and all possible evidence of mechanical failure was destroyed. It was the pilot’s first time in this type aircraft and he was slow timing a new engine, therefore neither pilot error or mechanical failure can be eliminated as a cause.

Captain Giorchino is buried in Riverside Cemetery; Section 20, Plot 64.

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