PFC John Magrath’s memory kept alive at Fort Drum, NY

A November 9, 2021 article by the Fort Drum Garrison Public Affairs office highlighted how the sports complex there, is still named for Norwalk’s own PFC John D. Magrath. PFC Magrath was the only member of the 10th Mountain Division to be awarded the Medal of Honor during World War II. I called the officeContinue reading “PFC John Magrath’s memory kept alive at Fort Drum, NY”


Unknown DOB – April 29, 1862; unknown age Enlisted on September 17, 1861 Mustered in September 23, 1861 Unit: 8th Infantry, Connecticut Volunteers, Company H Died of smallpox on April 29, 1862 at the General Hospital in New Bern, North Carolina Buried in Pine Island Cemetery, Crescent Street, Norwalk, CT. Photo from END


Unknown DOB – October 21, 1863; unknown age Enlisted on April 24, 1861 Mustered in May 14, 1861 (3 months) Unit #1: 3rd Infantry, Connecticut Volunteers, Company G Mustered in again on August 28, 1862 Unit #2: 17th Infantry, Connecticut Volunteers, Company A Died from “dropsy of the pericardium”, a heart condition, on October 21,Continue reading “SERGEANT EDWIN R. SMITH”


Unknown DOB – July 24, 1864 (Andersonville, GA); unknown age Enlisted on October 2, 1863 Mustered in October 2, 1863 Unit: 14th Infantry, Connecticut Volunteers, Company B Became a POW on May 12, 1864 at Spotsylvania Court House, Virginia. Died on July 24, 1864. Buried at Andersonville National Cemetery, 496 Cemetery Road, Andersonville, GA; SiteContinue reading “PRIVATE CARL PAMPLE”


September 19, 1841 (Norwalk, CT) – September 3, 1863 (unknown location); 21 years old Enlisted on September 14, 1861 Mustered in September 23, 1861 Unit: 8th Infantry, Connecticut Volunteers, Company H Born to Valentine Merrill (1811-1875) and Fanny E. Bouton Merrill (1816-1860). Siblings were Mary E. (1832-1893), Joseph B. (1835-1900), Albert M. (1844-1902), Emma L.Continue reading “PRIVATE CHARLES E. MERRILL”


1830 (Astbury, England) – September 19, 1864 (Winchester, VA); 33 or 34 years old Married to Marion Marquick Malkin (1838-1910) on March 18, 1858 in Norwalk, CT Children were Thomas H. (1856-1926) and Nellie M. (1859-1888) Enlisted December 14, 1861 Mustered in December 22, 1861 Unit: 13th Infantry, Connecticut Volunteers, Company H Reenlisted on FebruaryContinue reading “CORPORAL WILLIAM MALKIN”


Unknown DOB – November 21, 1864 (Hampton, VA); unknown age Enlisted on October 16, 1863 Drafted in October 16, 1863 Unit: 6th Infantry, Connecticut Volunteers, Company A Wounded on August 16, 1864 at Deep Bottom Run, Virginia. Died of those wounds on November 21, 1864 in Hampton, VA. Possibly buried at Hampton National Cemetery, 1Continue reading “PRIVATE JOHN CALLAHAN”


Unknown DOB – April 23, 1864; unknown age Enlisted on February 18, 1864 Mustered in on February 18, 1864 Unit: 2nd Light Artillery, Connecticut Volunteers, 2nd Battery The unit was at Camp Barry, Washington, D.C., 22nd Corps, to February, 1864. Defenses of New Orleans, LA., Dept. of the Gulf, to June, 1864. One record showsContinue reading “PRIVATE PATRICK BURNS”


Unknown DOB – August 14, 1862 (New Orleans, LA); unknown ageEnlisted on January 6, 1862 Mustered in January 8, 1862 Unit: 12th Infantry, Connecticut Volunteers, Company E Died on August 14, 1862 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Unknown cause. Buried in Chalmette National Cemetery, 8606 W St Bernard Hwy, Chalmette, LA; Section 11, Grave 995. PhotoContinue reading “PRIVATE JAMES L. BRUNDAGE”