April 24, 1915 (Vintondale, PA) – June 12, 1944; 29 years old; married to the former Margaret Kuchma on July 12, 1941 in Norwalk; no children
Last local address: 20 Oak Street, Norwalk
Service number: 8079337

KURTZMAN, John, SEA2, 8079337, USS Nelson (DD-623), Normandy/Cherbourg Bombardment, June 12, 1944, (CasCode121) killed in combat, dd June 12, 1944 (bp5) + KURTZMAN, John, Sea2c, USN, Nelson DD-623, June 12, 1944 (nm) + KURTZMAN, John, Seaman Second Class, 8079337, USN, from Connecticut, Jun-44, Cambridge American Cemetery (bm) + KURTZMAN, John, Seaman 2c, USNR. Wife, Mrs. Margaret Kurtzman, 20 Oak St., South Norwalk, Conn (na)

From The USS Nelson was anchored in position 13 the night of 12 June as part of the D-Day invasion. Thus far her only contact with the enemy had been in the form of a glide bomb which had exploded harmlessly off the starboard quarter during her first night in the area. At 0105 on the 13th she made a radar contact, challenged the contact by flashing light, and opened fire. The target slowed, turned away, and split into three distinct blips. The destroyer had loosed ten salvos when a torpedo struck her just aft the No. 4 gun mount blowing off the stern and No.4 mount. Maloy (DE-791) stood by to transfer personnel, and Nelson was taken in tow. Twenty-four of her crew were killed or missing including Seaman Kurtzman, and 9 wounded.

S2C Kurtzman is buried in Cambridge American Cemetery; Plot C, Row 5, Grave 57

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