May 6, 1920 (West Wyoming, PA) – December 27, 1944; 24 years old; unmarried
Last local address: 173 Ely Avenue, South Norwalk
Enlisted April 6, 1942
Service number: 31104564

From Corporal with the 112th Base Unit from Westover Field, Massachusetts. He was one of eleven airmen killed in a weather-related crash of B-24J Liberator #42-51034, two miles west of Mattituck, Long Island, New York.

From On December 27, 1944 a squadron flying a B-24 Army Liberator Bomber left Westover Field, Massachusetts for a training mission. Unfortunately, they were met with a snow storm that was covering Mattituck, Long Island and were unable to successfully navigate a landing either at their target at the Suffolk County Army Air Field, known now as the 106th Air Rescue Wing in Westhampton Beach, or make an emergency landing on a field. Instead, at 6:20pm, they slammed into the farm fields of J. Dwight Reeves on the south side of North Country Road, West Mattituck. 

The aircraft was piloted by Flight Officer Victor Belotti, 21 from Somerville, MA, his co-pilot was Flight Officer William D. Sanders, 23, from Troupe, TX.  Flight officer, Clifford J. McElwee, Gary, Ind. was the navigator. Their Gunnery Instructor was Staff Sergeant Nicholas M Carusone, 26, Providence, RI. There were four gunners; Corporal Vito D. Ferraro, 18, Rochester, NY, Corporal Joseph H. Martorana, 24, South Norwalk, Connecticut, Roger Westervelt, 19, Buda, Illinois and Corporal John H. Benner, 36, Lewiston, PA. George H Reis, 19, South Dartmouth, MA, was the radioman, their engineer was Lawrence L. Tench from West Wyoming, PA. The bombardier was Lewis P. Pernala, 22, from Duluth, Minnesota.

Corporal Martorana is buried Long Island National Cemetery; Section L, Plot 21612.

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