March 17, 1915 (New York, NY) – September 22, 1942; 27 years old; married to Marion Catherine Hayden Malins (1915-1984) on April 4, 1942 in Duval, Florida; one son Victor Elliot Malins (1943-1994)
Last local address: 2 Great Marsh Road, Saugatuck, CT
Father Victor and mother Bridie lived at 14 Byrd Rd in Norwalk

Norwalk High School Class of 1933

1939 Yearbook from Colby College

From the Bismarck Tribune, September 23, 1942

Om the first accident since naval air training began here in 1935, Ensign Victor E. Malins, 27, of Saugatuck, Connecticut, a navy flight instructor, was killed and his student, Stanley I. Davis Jr, 24, Jacksonville, Illinois, injured when their plane plummeted 300 feet to earth as it “spun in” to a nearby auxiliary field on a “solo check” flight. Davis suffered head and face lacerations.

From a Colby College Newsletter, October 1942


Ensign Victor P. Malins, of Saugatuck, Connecticut, U.S. Navy Flight Instructor at the Wold – Chamberlain Naval Aviation Base, was killed and a student pilot injured on September 22nd at Minneapolis when their training plane went into a spin and crashed four miles southwest of the base. It was the first fatality for the base since it was set up at Wold – Chamberlain over seven years ago. The accident happened at the plan was approaching an auxiliary flying field and was expected to land. About 300 feet off the ground, the plan went into a spin and plunged. Malins was born March 17, 1915, at New York City, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Victor Malins. He graduated from Norwalk High School, Connecticut. At Colby he played basketball and baseball and was head cheerleader for two years. He also served as president of the Phi Delta Theta Fraternity. Ensign Malins received his flight training at Squantum, Massachusetts, and Jacksonville, Florida. He is survived by his wife Marion; his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Victor Malins of Saugatuck, Connecticut; one sister and one brother.

Ensign Malins is buried at Assumption Cemetery, Westport CT.

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