February 19, 1916 (Barton, OH) – February 4, 1945; 28 years old
Last local address: 313 Main Street, Norwalk
Enlisted March 21, 1941
Service number: 31042427
Unit: 25th Infantry Division, 35th Infantry Regiment, Company A

No parental information could be found. Sister, Mary Pleban Dziedzinski (1911-1996).

From the Connecticut Military Portrait Collection, Connecticut State Library, Identifier: PG570; used with permission

On 17 January, the 25th Infantry was assigned to I Corps and committed to combat less the 35th Infantry which was retained as the Sixth Army’s reserve. As the Tropic Lightning Division pushed toward the town of Umingan (Philippines) the 35th was released to the 25th and prepared to participate in the upcoming operation. The 27th Infantry approached the town from the north while the 35th moved to encircle the Japanese from the south and block their escape. The 27th attacked on 1 February. The next morning the 35th attacked from the south meeting scattered resistance and trapping the enemy in the northern and western sections of the town where the Wolfhounds mopped them up.

The 35th Infantry then continued southeast, advancing on the village of Lupao. Here the Japanese conducted a determined defense including the use of tanks, halting the initial attack of all three battalions.

Private Pleban is buried in St. Michael’s Cemetery, 2205 Stratford Avenue, Stratford, Connecticut; Lot West 24, Row 1, left Soldier’s Plot. Photos by webmaster.


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