September 1, 1912 (Norwalk, CT) – May 26, 1943; 30 years old
Last local address: 29 Pulaski Street, Norwalk
Enlisted May 1, 1942
Service number: 31120906
Missing In Action (MIA) at sea

SSG Anthony J. Schneider of Connecticut was the Assistant Radio Operator on B-24D #42-40519 that was lost at sea in the Pacific. This aircraft left Hickam Field, Oahu, Hawaii on 26 May 1943 for an intermediate stop on Canton Island and disappeared in the Pacific Ocean. It never reached Canton Island. The final destination was Amberly Field, Australia. The cause is unknown. The B-24 aircrafts ‘Daisy Mae’ and the ‘Green Hornet’ took off the next morning and were on a search and rescue for this plane. Subsequently, the B-24D ‘Green Hornet’ also ditched in the Pacific. The story of the ‘Green Hornet’ crew is told in the #1 bestseller UNBROKEN by Laura Hillenbrand and is based on Louis Zamperini’s memoir ‘Devil At My Heels’.

The crew members lost were
1st Lt Clarence C Corpening of FL; S/N O-659358, Pilot
2nd Lt Richard J StDenis of MA; S/N O-796218, Co-Pilot
2nd Lt Everette D Stoner of WI; S/N O-734847, Bombardier
2nd Lt Ralph S Powell of VA; S/N O-796592, Navigator
SSgt Raymond Jackson, Jr of OH; S/N 15018396, Asst Engineer
SSgt Howard A Morckel of OH; S/N 35312304, Armorer-Gunner
SSgt Anthony J Schneider of CT; S/N 31120906, Asst Radio Operator
TSgt Felipe D Chavez of NM; S/N 38122208, Radio Operator
TSgt Francis L Powell of CA; S/N 39021970, Engineer
MSgt Richard E Boucher of UT; S/N 19011686, Passenger

The Norwalk Hour June 1, 1943

Staff Sergeant Anthony J. Schneider of 29 Pulaski Street, has been reported as “missing as of May 26” by the War Department it was learned this morning from a telegram received by his sister Mrs. Sophie Greer. Sergeant Schneider was reported “missing” in the Pacific area, and Mrs. Green said that she feels that her brother was located in one of the islands off the shore of California. Mrs. Green and friends had received letters from Sergeant Schneider written as late as May 24, in which he reported having a “swell time swimming and seeing movies.” He was a radio operator and gunner on a B-24 Liberator bomber and was recently sent to Hamilton Beach, California. The remainder of the squadron continued to the Pacific, but the ship in which Sergeant Schneider is a member, had engine trouble and remained behind. He was employed by Plant Number 2, Hat Corporation of America prior to his induction in the U.S. Army on May 1, 1942.

Memorialized at the Honolulu Memorial, Courts of the Missing, Court 7, Honolulu, HI

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