August 25, 1921 (Norwalk, CT) – February 4, 1944; 22 years old
Last local address: 25 Seaview Avenue, East Norwalk
Enlisted on July 3, 1942
Service number: 31142791
Unit: 100th Bomber Group (Heavy), 418th Bomber Squadron
Missing in action (MIA); at sea

Born to Paul (1899-1994) and Elizabeth Akos Valentik (1899-1972). One sister, Delores E. Valentik Kerekes (1928-2014).

Awarded the Air Medal and Purple Heart Medal.

Norwalk High School Class of ‘39

From the Connecticut Military Portrait Collection, Connecticut State Library, Identifier: PG570; used with permission

From The Norwalk Hour February 23, 1944

Word has been received by Mr. and Mrs. Paul Valentik, 25 Seaview Avenue, that their son Staff Sergeant Robert Valentik, 22, has been reported missing in action since February 4. Staff Sergeant Valentik, an aerial gunner on a flying fortress, was stationed somewhere in England. Prior to his entry into the service in July 1942, he was employed at the Noroton Yacht Club. He is a graduate of Norwalk High School.

From The Norwalk Hour March 23, 1945

Sgt. Valentik Missing A Year May Be Prisoner
Name Heard On Nazi Short Wave Broadcast And Word Is Relayed By Post Office, Red Cross

High hope that their son, Staff Sergeant Paul Valentik reported by the War Department as missing in action since February 4, 1944, is alive and a prisoner of war in Germany, has come to his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Valentik of 25 Seaview Avenue, who yesterday received the news that a short-wave station enthusiast in New Jersey had heard the soldier’s name in a prisoner of war list apparently emanating from Germany. Although Mr. and Mrs. Valentik has been greatly reassured, they are anxiously awaiting confirmation of the report through a Red Cross and War Department checkup. The short-wave operator contacted the South Norwalk Post Office to check on Sergeant Valentik and postal officials notified the local chapter of the Red Cross from where the encouraging information was relayed to his parents, both of whom are with the Hat Corporation of America. Commenting about the possibility that their son is a prisoner, Mrs. Valentik emphasized that she and her husband have never given up hope that he is alive because “Bobby was active and knows how to take care of himself.” Also rejoicing in the encouraging news is the Sergeant’s sister Delores, a Norwalk High School student, as well as a large circle of relatives and friends. Staff Sergeant Valentik, who was an aerial gunner on a flying fortress, was stationed in England. Prior to his entry into service in July 1942, he was employed at the Noroton Yacht Club. He is a Norwalk High School graduate.

From  Aircraft B-17G, #42-37975, date: February 4, 1944, Time: 1332, location: Walcheron Island, North Sea. Lost due to enemy anti-aircraft.


Pilot William E.  Green          1Lt       O-671261        Oklahoma
Co-pilot Jack P. Jensen           2Lt       O-741910        Skagit, WA
NAV (N) John J. Joyce          2Lt       O-685345        Philadelphia, PA
BOM (B) John S. Hamilton    2Lt       O-679503        San Angelo, TX
RAD Robert P. Valentik      SSgt    31142791        Norwalk, CT
ENG Roman B. Beran                        TSgt    37218415        Odin, KS
BAL Richard K. Anderegg     SSgt     37437834        West Bend, IA
WG (W) Sanford F. Tisdale   SSgt     16109083        Detroit, MI
WG (W) Harry J. Waskewicz SSgt     36528100        Dearborn, MI
TG (T) Leroy E. Leist             SSgt     34343991        Delphos, OH

                                         — SSgt Waskewicz’s body washed ashore 2 days later.

Testimony of 2d Lt W.A. Terry: A/C #075 was flying in the 3rd element of our high squadron. At 1332 hours it pulled out of formation and headed for the undercast. It was smoking but appeared to be under control. No chutes were seen.

Memorialized at Netherlands American Cemetery Tablets of the Missing at Netherlands American Cemetery, Amerikaanse Begraafplaats 1, 6269 NA Margraten, Netherlands. Photo from


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