June 25, 1925 (Buffalo, NY) – June 20, 1962 (Norwalk, CT)
Married to Margaret “Peggy” Julia Cordo Gorton (1922-2004)
Two daughters, Sherrill Barbara Gorton (1948-2003), and Jacqueline Gorton Carr Sanford (1953-).
Two sons, Richard Gorton (1946-); and Ralph Gorton (1955-).
Local address: 200 Suncrest Road, Norwalk

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From The Bridgeport Post June 21, 1962

Truck Kills Policeman at Project in Norwalk

NORWALK, June 21 — An investigation is underway today into the death of a Norwalk patrolman who was struck by a truck while directing traffic.

Patrolman Sherrald Gorton, 37, the father of four, was injured fatally at 1:45 p.m. yesterday when a 10-wheel truck loaded with 12 tons of asphalt knocked him down and ran over him on Richards Avenue near Scribner Avenue. He died at 6:35 p.m. in Norwalk Hospital.

Dr. Francis J. Kalaman, the police surgeon, told police officials that the first x-ray pictures showed that there were no broken bones but internal injuries were indicated.

Patrolman Gorton, a veteran of 12 years on the Police Department, was doing traffic duty on special assignment on Richards Avenue where the city is widening the highway.

The truck, owned by D’Addario Services of Norwalk, a sub-contractor of Smith Street, and operated by Cesere Mascia, 65, of 901 Sylvan Avenue, Bridgeport, was backing up to unload the asphalt at a spreader and struck the policeman who was standing at the rear of the vehicle on the right shoulder, knocking him face down to the ground. Five wheels passed over him.

Patrolman Gorton was apparently standing with his back toward the truck and was unaware of its reverse movement, police said.

Mr. Mascia told police he was guiding the truck by looking out of the driver’s side of the truck and was unable to see Patrolman Gorton. Mr. Mascia was not arrested but the accident is still under investigation.

The policeman is survived by his wife, Margaret Cordo Gorton; two sons, Richard, and Ralph Gorton; two daughters, Sherill and Jacqueline Gorton; and a sister, Mrs. Rene Gero; and several aunts and uncles.

Services will take place Saturday at 10 a.m. in the Magner Funeral Home, 12 Mott Avenue with the Reverend Edward H. Ehurt Jr., rector of Grace Episcopal church, officiating. Burial will be in Riverside Cemetery.

Memorial services will be conducted tomorrow at 7:30 p.m. in the funeral home by members of the Police Department. Policemen also will serve as pallbearers.

Member of the 1941 Norwalk High School football team. Middle row, 3rd from left (#32) is Class President Ernest Nevidjon who was killed in action in World War II.

Buried in Riverside Cemetery, 81 Riverside Avenue, Norwalk, Connecticut. Unknown Section and Plot number. Photo from

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