Master Interment List

The list that follows is the final resting place of Norwalk’s wartime casualties around the world. For further details, contact the webmaster through the “Contact” page from the home page. Edits and corrections are always welcome.

Nor shall your Glory be forgot,
While Fame her record keeps,
Or Honor points to the hallowed spot,
Where Valor proudly sleeps.

— Theodore O’Hara

Alexandria National Cemetery, 1450 Wilkes Street, Alexandria VA
Private Joseph H. Armstrong; Section A, Grave 981-6 (Civil War)

Ancre British Cemetery, D50, 80300 Beaumont-Hamel, France
Lance Corporal Frederick Charles Hunt, U.K. Army; Grave I B 32 (WWI)

Andersonville National Cemetery, Cemetery Road, Andersonville GA
Private Alfred Blackman; Row 4830 (Civil War)
Private William Clark; Section E, Plot 6846 (Civil War)
Private Bernhardt Kierchoff; Section E, Plot 6705 (Civil War)
Private Carl Pample; Row 3858 (Civil War)

Antietam National Cemetery, 295 East Main Street, Sharpsburg MD
Private Nathan Sylvester Wheeler; Plot 1185 (Civil War)

Ardennes American Cemetery, Route due Condroz 164, Neupré, Belgium
First Lieutenant Albert J. Contra Jr.; Section B, Row 32, Grave 32 (WWII)
First Lieutenant Eugene Morton Creagh; Section C, Row 10, Grave 51 (WWII)
Technical Sergeant Henry W. Noll Jr.; Section B, Row 41, Grave 31 (WWII)

Arlington National Cemetery, 1 Memorial Avenue, Arlington VA
Private Nelson Beach; Section 13, Grave 761 (Civil War)
Chief Pay Clerk John Kenneth Goral; U.S. Coast Guard; USS Serpens monument (WWII)
Sergeant Elmer Kalman; Arlington National Cemetery Section 60, Site 7901 (WWII)
1Lt John Bernard McGuinness (memorial marker only; MIA); Section MC, 24-L (Korea)
Corporal Michael John Scanlon; Section 37, Plot 211 (Vietnam)
Major Larry Alan Thorne; Section 60, Plot 8136 (Vietnam)
Staff Sergeant Martin Francis Troy; Section 60, Plot 8601 (WWII)

Assumption Cemetery, Greens Farms Road, Westport CT
Ensign Victor Patrick Malins Jr. (WWII)

Athens Rural Cemetery, 16 N Church St, Athens NY 
First Lieutenant John “Jack” Van Wei Bergamini, Jr.; Lot 294 (WWII)

Beaufort National Cemetery, 1601 Boundary Street, Beaufort SC
Private John T. Byxbee; Section 35, Plot 3880 (Civil War)
Private George B. Hendricks; Section 36, Plot 4011 (Civil War)
Sergeant Edwin R. Smith; Section 36, Plot 4010 (Civil War)
Private Henry S. Taylor; Section 36, Plot 3801 (Civil War)

Belleview Cemetery, 540 Finley Ave NW, Lenoir NC
Lieutenant Junior Grade Ted Leon Hall (WWII)

Beth Israel Cemetery, 225 Richards Avenue, Norwalk CT
Motor Machinist’s Mate First Class Charles Saperstein (memorial marker) (WWII)

Bethune Town Cemetery, 158-498 Rue du Mont Sorel, 62400 Béthune, France
Private Walter James Smith; U.K. Army; Plot VI.A.24

Blades Cemetery, Blades DE
Private First Class Albert Henry Waller; unknown plot (WWI)

Branchville Cemetery, Brook Lane, Ridgefield CT
Private First Class Alexander George Wainio: gravesite found; Plot # is unknown (Vietnam)

Brittany American Cemetery and Memorial, Bel Orient, 50240 Montjoie-Saint-Martin, France
Private Daniel Fuller; Plot L, Row 4, Grave 10 (WWII)

Cairo American Cemetery, Al Seka Al Hadid, Al Kafour, Old Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt
Corporal Arthur Hayes, U.K. Army; Section B, Plot 320 (WWI)

Calvary Cemetery, 49-02 Laurel Hill Blvd, Woodside NY
Sergeant Bernard Joseph Cooke (WWII)

Cambridge American Cemetery, Madingley Road, Coton, England
Seaman Second Class John George Kurtzman Jr.; Plot C, Row 5, Grave 57 (WWII)

Chalmette National Cemetery, 8606 West St. Bernard Highway, Chalmette LA
Private James L. Brundage; Section 11, Grave 995 (Civil War)
Sergeant William B. Hurd; Section 17, Grave 1226 (Civil War)

City Point Cemetery, 10th Avenue and Davis Street Hopewell City VA
Corporal Oscar L. Smith; Section B, Plot 1841 (Civil War)
Private Henry F. Williams; Section E, Plot 3840 (Civil War)

Cold Harbor Cemetery, Cemetery, 6038 Cold Harbor Road, Mechanicsville VA
Private Richmond E. Thomas; Grave 498 (Civil War)

Coley Cemetery (a.k.a. Norfield Cemetery, 27 CT-57, Weston CT
Staff Sergeant Clayton Edward Broch (WWII; memorial plaque only — MIA)
Sergeant Fred Morton Moore; Plot # is unknown (WWI)

Culpeper National Cemetery, 305 U.S. Avenue, Culpeper, Virginia
Private Charles G. Hyatt; Section A1, Site 113 (Civil War)

Cypress Hills Cemetery, 833 Jamaica Avenue, Brooklyn NY
Specialist Wilfredo Perez Jr.; Section 16, Lot 117, Grave 24 (OIF)

East Coast Memorial, Battery Park, New York NY
Petty Officer 2nd Class William Joseph Czinky; Coast Guard (WWII)
Seaman First Class George Philip Van Alstyne; Coast Guard (WWII)
Quartermaster Third Class Walton Bennett Vail; Coast Guard (WWII)

Epinal American Cemetery, 385, rue de la Rondenolle Dinoze, France
Private First Class John Holick Jr., Section A, Row 24, Grave 14 (WWII)
Private First Class Harold Dryden Rasmussen; Section A, Row 19, Grave 31 (WWII)

Florence American Cemetery, Via Cassia, 50023 Tavarnuzze, Impruneta, Florence, Italy
Private Michael Abruscato; Section H, Row 5, Grave 27 (WWII)
Captain Roderick S.G. Hall; Section D, Row 10, Grave 22 (WWII)
First Lieutenant Lewis George Henry; Section D, Row 12, Grave 32 (WWII)
Staff Sergeant Joseph John Sedlak; Section B, Row 9, Grave 21 (WWII)

Florence National Cemetery, 803 East National Cemetery Road, Florence SC
Private Lewis Beecher; in an ‘unknown’ plot (Civil War)

Fort Bliss National Cemetery, 5200 Fred Wilson Ave, El Paso / Fort Bliss TX
Private First Class Herbert Turner Collings Jr.; Section E, Plot 9192 (WWII)

Fort Logan Cemetery, 3698 S. Sheridan Blvd, Denver CO
William James Tarsi; Section Q, Plot 1630 (Vietnam)

Gethsemane Cemetery, Fielding Way, Athol MA
Corporal Henry John Frank; St. Mark Section, Row I, Lot 4 (WWII)

Gettysburg National Cemetery, National Cemetery Drive, Gettysburg PA
Lieutenant Colonel Douglass D. Fowler; in an “unknown” grave (Civil War)
Private John W. Metcalf; Section B, Plot 9 (Civil War)

Greenville Cemetery, Cemetery Lane, Greenville Junction ME
Staff Sergeant Elmer Clinton Murray; unknown plot (WWII)

Grove Cemetery, 125 Cross Street, Naugatuck CT
Corporal Treat Payne Andrew Jr.; Central Section, Plot 77, top of hill (WWII)

Hampton National, Cemetery Rd at Marshall Ave, Hampton, VA
Private John Callahan; Section E, Site 1307 (Civil War)

Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery, Rue du Mémorial Américain 159, 4852 Plombières, Belgium
Private Vincent Kenneth Enos; Section H, Row 3, Grave 5 (WWII)
Private Louis William Santo; Section E, Row 12, Grave 18 (WWII)

Holy Cross Cemetery, 3620 Tilden Ave, Brooklyn NY
Staff Sergeant William Joseph Loughery; unknown plot number (WWII)

Independent Hebrew Cemetery, 143 Richards Avenue, Norwalk CT
First Lieutenant Gerald Robert Steinberg; Plot CC 4 (WWII)

Israel Seacord, 1228 North Avenue, New Rochelle NY
Private John Wesley Jackson; unknown plot number (Civil War)

Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery, 2900 Sheridan Road, St. Louis MO
Technical Sergeant Ernest Zolton Nevidjon; Section 79, Site 426-427 (WWII)
Second Lieutenant Norman Solomon; Section 82, Site 1E (WWII)

Kensico Cemetery, 273 Lakeview Avenue, Valhalla NY
First Lieutenant Kenneth Avery Morrell; Section 93, Lot 12152, Grave 5 (WWII)

Knoxville National Cemetery, 939 Tyson Street, Knoxville TN
Staff Sergeant Nicholas Joseph Curci; Plot X, 31, Memorial ID 2967794 (WWII)

Lakeview Cemetery, Main Street, New Canaan CT
Private Richard Herbert Ireland; Section L, grave 33 (WWII)
Ensign George Alan Martin (memorial marker only; MIA); Section L, Plot 1 (Korea)
Private Henry M. Raymond; unknown plot number (Civil War)

Lakeview Cemetery, 885 Boston Avenue, Bridgeport CT
Seaman First Class John Victor Brown; Section 20V, Grave 42 (WWII)
Private Robert Slybun Hall; Avenue B Section, Lot 165 (WWI)
Private Oscar O. Olmstead; unknown plot number (Civil War)

Long Island National Cemetery, 2040 Wellwood Avenue, East Farmingdale NY
Private Eugene Robert Brown, Section H, Grave 8832 (WWII)
Private First Class William Louis Horvath, Section H, Grave 8349 (WWII)
Private First Class Harold Legrand Hyatt Jr., Section J, Grave 14778 (WWII)
Sergeant James Kazmer Jr.; Section H, Grave 8322 (WWII)
Private First Class Raymond Urgele LaFrance; Section H, Grave 11865 (WWII)
Corporal Joseph Martorana; Section L, Grave 21612 (WWII)
Sergeant William Joseph O’Donnell; Section K, Grave 17301 (WWII)
Private Adolph A. Pirigyi; Section H, Grave 8311 (WWII)
Staff Sergeant George Polycarpe Segakis; Section O, Grave 34210 (WWII)
Staff Sergeant Frank Kluck Seidel Jr.; Section H, Grave 9688 (WWII)
Private First Class John Daniel Soltesz; Section H, Grave 9365 (WWII)
Second Lieutenant Donald Bryan Wason; Section H, Grave 8552 (WWII)
Private First Class William Arthur White; Section H, Site 9004 (WWII)

Lorraine American Cemetery, Avenue de Fayetteville, 57500 Saint-Avold, France
First Lieutenant Herbert William Chouinard; Section E Row 12 Grave 35 (WWII)
Technical Sergeant William Ulrich Ettinger, Jr.; Section K, Row 28, Grave 17 (WWII)
Staff Sergeant Edward James Lockwood; Section K, Row 28, Grave 3 (WWII)

Luxembourg American Cemetery, 50 Val du Scheid, 2517 Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
Private John Vernam Fisk; Section H, Row 9, Grave 10 (WWII)
Private First Class George Thomas Michael Fox; Section I, Row 8, Grave 2 (WWII)
Private James Milon Logan; Section I, Row 4, Grave 6 (WWII)

Manila American Cemetery, Taguig City, Philippines
Technical Sergeant Sylvio Vincent D’Avanzo; Section H, Row 11, Grave 109 (WWII)
Corporal Francis W Hoyt; Section L, Row 7, Grave 47 (WWII)
Staff Sergeant Frank Setti Jr.; Section F, Row 11, Grave 60 (WWII)

Mechanics Cemetery, 4301 Shields Lane, Chincoteague VA
Private Ansley Havens Holston; unknown plot (WWI)

Memorial Park, 5750 49th St N, St. Petersburg FL
Private First Class Franklyn Edgar Slavin; Division V, Section 2, Block 9, Space 3 (WWII)

Meuse Argonne American Cemetery, Rue du Général Pershing, 55110 Romagne-Sous-Montfaucon, France
Private Charles Harold Bates; Section B, Row 5, Grave 17 (WWI)
Private First Class Edward Bennett; Section A, Row 20, Grave 11 (WWI)
Private First Class Albert Christian Larsen; Section D, Row 36, Grave 5 (WWI)
Private Jeremiah Fisher O’Brien; Section C, Row 30, Grave 2 (WWI)
Sergeant Tony Paradiso; Section F, Row 18, Grave 33 (WWI)
Private Aime Tarlov; Section F, Row 3, Grave 1 (WWI)

Milltown Cemetery, 134 Milltown Road, Brewster NY
Corporal Lloyd West Knapp; unknown plot number (WWII)

Mount Hope Cemetery, 50 Jackson Avenue, Hastings-On-Hudson NY
Technical Sergeant Henry W. Noll Jr., (Memorial marker only; buried in Belgium) (WWII)

National Cemetery of the Pacific, 2177 Puowaina Dr, Honolulu HI
Staff Sergeant Saul Miller; Section C, Site 583 (WWII)
Private First Class Paul Wilmot Wilbur; Section B, Site 1223 (WWII)
Private Benjamin Thomas Williams; Section M, Site 911 (WWII)
Private Lawrence Robert Zeoli; Section O, Site 62 (WWII)

Netherlands American Cemetery, Amerikaanse Begraafplaats 1, 6269 NA Margraten, Netherlands
First Lieutenant Harold Coffin; Section N, Row 19, Grave 13 (WWII)
Second Lieutenant Marcel Joseph Lapointe; Section B, Row 1, Grave 11 (WWII)
Private Lawrence Joseph Lebeau; Section K, Row 11, Grave 15 (WWII)
First Lieutenant Richard Harold Sperry; Section A, Row 5, Grave 18 (WWII)
Sergeant Roosevelt Suggs; Section N, Row 16, Grave 9 (WWII)

New St. Peter Cemetery, Lake Avenue Extension, Danbury CT
Private James Giachiana Cantoni; Section 1, Lot 69 ½ (WWI)

Noank Valley Cemetery, 59-51 Elm Street, Groton CT
Private Fennimore C. Weeks; unknown plot number (Civil War)

Normandy American Cemetery, 14710 Colleville-sur-Mer, France
Private Gerald A. Campetella, Section B, Row 20, Grave 46 (WWII)
Private Prospero Nicholas D’Avanzo, Section F, Row 8, Grave 14 (WWII)

North Africa American Cemetery; BP 346, 2026, Carthage, Tunisia
First Lieutenant Judah Leonard Jobrack; Section I, Row 16, Grave 1 (WWII)
Corporal Aurelio Mucci; Section F, Row 17, Grave 14 (WWII)

Norwalk Union Cemetery, 90 Ward Street, Norwalk CT
Sergeant Frederick Eletert Abbott; Plot 846, Avenue G, in the Drew plot (WWI)
Private Alfred Blackman; unknown plot number (Civil War)
Private William Levi Bodwell; unknown plot number (Civil War)
Corporal Oliver Sammis Brady (Civil War)
Private John Cockafur; Avenue E (Civil War)
Sergeant Justice Disbrow; Avenue F (Civil War)
Private Edward Hawley Fitch; Avenue L (Civil War)
Captain Gould James Jennings; Avenue A (Civil War)
Private Joshua Lounsbury; Avenue H (Civil War)
Private Owen Murphy; Avenue F (Civil War)
Corporal Cornelius Nash; unknown location (Civil War)
Sergeant Henry M. Prowitt Jr.; Avenue F (Civil War)

Oak Grove Cemetery, 426 Bay Street, Springfield MA
Private John Cheshire Burwell; Section 8, Lot 2892, Ruscas Path (WWI)

Oise Aisne American Cemetery, D2, 02130 Seringes-et-Nesles, France
Second Lieutenant Frank Chauncey Godfrey; Section D, Row 16, Grave 37 (WWI)
Private First Class Russell Irwin Smith; Section A, Row 11, Grave 14 (WWI)

Pine Island Cemetery, Crescent Street, Norwalk CT
Seaman Walter W. Archer; unknown plot number (WWII)
Private Theodore B. Benedict; unknown plot number (Civil War)
Corporal William Hoyt; unknown plot number (Civil War)
First Sergeant George Macauless; unknown plot number (Civil War)
Private Wilbur Nash; unknown plot number (Civil War)
Private C. Henry Taylor; unknown plot number (Civil War)

Putnam Cemetery, 35 Parsonage Road, Greenwich CT
Second Lieutenant Walter Delnor Sloat Jr.; Section A, Lot 236SW (memorial only; MIA) (WWII)

Rhone American Cemetery, 553 Boulevard John Kennedy, 83300 Draguignan, France
Technical Sergeant Ward Meeker Sackal; Section A, Row 12, Grave 5 (WWII)
First Lieutenant Warren E Semple; Section B, Row 9, Grave 3 (WWII)

Richmond National Cemetery, 1701 Williamsburg Road Richmond VA
Private Frank Worth Kastner Jr.; Section 1C, site 5110 (WWII)

Riverside Cemetery, 81 Riverside Avenue, Norwalk CT
Private First Class Frederick Waldrop Amundsen; Section 3, Plot 93 (WWI)
Private Wayne Everett Bennett; Section 11, Plot 1 (WWII)
Technical Sergeant John Peter Beres Jr.; Section 2, Plot 32 (WWII)
Private First Class Cortland Vere Birdsell; Section 4, Plot 150 (WWI)
Private Mortimer Gregory Blake; Section 4, Plot 43 (WWI)
Seaman Charles Henry Bloom; Section 10, Plot 3 (WWI)
First Lieutenant Alfred Northrup Comstock; Section 19, Plot 16 (WWII)
First Officer Myron A. Cromley; Section 4 (WWII)
Private Sanders Melancthon Dorr Jr.; Section 11, Plot 1 (WWII)
Private Vincent Kenneth Enos; Section 11, Plot 1 (memorial marker) (WWII)
Captain Edward Bruce Giorchino; Section 20, Plot 257 (WWII)
First Lieutenant Otto Goldstein Jr.; Section 18 (WWII)
Private Peter Travers Carroll Goldstein; Section 20, Plot 64 (WWI)
Private Walter Kenneth Hall; Section 2 (WWI)
Fireman First Class Louis Hansen; Section 12, Plot 232B (WWI & WWII)
Private First Class James Thomas Hendricks; Section 11, Plot 302 (Vietnam)
Private First Class Richard Alan Kaske; Section 18, Plot 327 (Vietnam)
Staff Sergeant Charles Frederic Kuch III; Section 18, Plot 16A (WWII)
Private First Class Lorrin Frederick Lane; Section 11, Plot 1 (WWII)
Technician Fifth Grade Herbert Orville Leavitt; Section 11, Plot 1 (WWII)
Private Clarence Allen Louden; Section 4, Plot 102 (WWI)
Private First Class John David Magrath; Section 20, Plot 185 (WWII)
Corporal William Malkin; Section 5, Plot 52 (Civil War)
Private First Class William Franklin Marriott; Section 19 (WWII)
Private John T. Miller; Section 11, Plot 1 (WWII)
Private Anthony Joseph Mulvoy; Section 3 (WWI)
Second Lieutenant William Anthony Mulvoy; Section 3 (WWII)
Private First Class John Nagy; Section 11, Plot 1 (WWII)
Private Clayton William Nichols; Section 5, Plot 249 (WWI)
Seaman Second Class Stephen Robert Orbin Jr.; Section 11, Plot 1 (WWII)
Private Herbert I. Preston; Section 12, Grave 700 (MOH)
Lance Corporal Charles Edward Richards; Section 11, Plot 302 (Vietnam)
Private First Class Donald Brice Roos; Section 10 (WWII)
Private Gilbert Oscar Schultz; Section 4 (Remp Plot) (WWI)
Private First Class Allen Edgar Scofield; Section 12, Grave 570A (Korea)
Private William Smedley; Section 7 (Civil War)
Private Charles Henry “Harry” Sniffen; Section 20, Plot 67 (WWI)
Staff Sergeant Peter Joseph Venezia; Section 11, Plot 1 (WWII)
Apprentice Seaman David Jonathan Weed; Section 11, Plot 1 (WWI)
Corporal William Wood Westlake; Section 10/Civil War Section; Grave 10 (Civil War)
Private First Class Edward Norman Wilson Jr.; Section 20 (WWII)
Sergeant Wilfred Francis Wood; Section 11, Grave 79 (WWII)

Rose Hills Memorial Park, 101 Mill Street, Putnam Valley NY
Private First Class David Richard Fahey Jr.; Heritage Garden Section, Row 1, Grave 31 (OEF)

Rowayton Union Cemetery, 377 Rowayton Avenue, Rowayton CT
Private Frank Higgins Ferris; Avenue 2, Plot 41 (WWI)
Private Stephen Harrison Ferris; unknown plot number (Civil War)
Chief Warrant Officer Edward William Hill; Avenue 3, Plot 39, Grave #3 (WWII)
Private George Alfred Hoyt; unknown plot number (Civil War)
Private George L.G. James; Avenue 2, Plot 46 (WWI)
Private Bernard William Long; Avenue 3, Plot  44 Grave #1 (WWII)

Saint Bernard Cemetery, 520 Columbus Avenue, New Haven CT
Private Thomas McCue; unknown plot number (Civil War)

Saint John’s Cemetery, 225 Richards Avenue, Norwalk CT
Private First Class Charles William “Chip” Bachman Jr.; Veterans Section, Grave 45 (Vietnam)
Technical Sergeant James S. Brown; Section A, Lot 30, Grave 1 (WWII)
Private First Class Donald Carroll Browne; Section A, Lot 64, Grave 2 (Korea)
Sergeant First Class John Andrew Callahan; Section B2, Lot 212 E1/2, Grave 8 (WWII)
Staff Sergeant Joseph Albert Chase; Section A1, Lot 194W, Grave 6 (WWII)
Sergeant James Francis Chimento; Section A1, Grave 246 (WWII)
Private First Class Alfred John Ciarletto; Section A1, Lot 242, Grave 1 (WWII)
Aviation Structural Mechanic 2nd Class Mario Charles Crugnola Jr.; Section E1, Grave 1030 (Vietnam)
Technical Sergeant Thomas A. Dybicz; Section B1, Grave 63 E 1/2 (Valient plot) (WWII)
Private First Class James Thomas Fabrizio; Section B2, Lot 2020, Grave 1 (Vietnam)
Major Walter John Fitzgerald Jr.; unknown plot (WWII)
Corporal Thomas Joseph Gaffney; Section A2, Lots 979-980, Grave 979 (WWII)
Private First Class Anthony Giordano; Section A2, Grave 316 (WWII)
Corporal William Joseph Lilly; Section F1, Grave 1024 (Vietnam)
Sergeant Samuel Joseph Lomazzo; Section A1, Plot 193 (WWII)
Petty Officer Third Class John Francis Lyons Jr.; Section A, Lot 44 and 45 (Korea)
Private First Class Anthony Joseph Matteis; Section A1, Grave 721 (WWII)
Private First Class Robert Charles Murphy; Section A, Lot 133, Grave 3 (WWII)
Corporal Edward Vincent Palmenta; Section 3, Row 2, Lot 2W, Grave 1 (Vietnam)
Staff Sergeant Michael Bradley Paquin; Veterans Section, Grave 42 (Vietnam)
Private John Mary Paul; Section A1, Grave 684 (WWII)
Seaman First Class Rocco G. Pesacreta; memorial marker only (WWII)
Private First Class Joseph A. Rizzi; Section B1, Lot 75E ½; Grave 6 (Korea)
Private First Class Daniel John Shea; Section A, Lot 113, Grave 2 (Vietnam)
Chief Petty Officer John James Skidd; Section B (WWII)
Specialist 5th Class Robert Francis Stevens; Veterans Section, Grave 27 (Vietnam)
Staff Sergeant Louis William Vingo; Section A1, Grave 201E 1/2 (WWII)
Private First Class Earl Thomas Wilson; Section A1, Grave 737 (WWII)

Saint Joseph’s Cemetery, 522 Terryville Avenue, Bristol CT
Private First Class George William Lee; Section 18, Row 1, Plot 6 (WWII)

Saint Joseph’s Cemetery, 474 Clarendon Street, Fitchburg MA
Private First Class Leo J. Rheaume; Section 4 (WWII)

Saint Joseph’s Cemetery, 209 Truman Avenue, Yonkers NY
Private Thomas Phillip Caffrey; unknown plot – confirmed with cemetery (WWI)

Saint Mary’s Cemetery, 3-1 Broad Street, Norwalk CT
Private Frank Nicholas Beerwa; Section BN, 22NE ¼, Grave 1 (Korea)
Private First Class Adolph John Caratone; (Federici Plot; Section BN, Plot 29) (WWII)
Private First Class Salvatore Casalese; Section D (WWII)
Seaman Stephen Charles Cifatte; South Side (WWI)
Private James Edward Coleman; West Section (WWI)
Second Lieutenant Paul Richard Connery Jr.; unknown plot (WWII)
Seaman Second Class William Joseph Crotty; unknown plot (WWI)
Seaman First Class Albert Earnest Kovacs; Section B (WWII)
Corporal James Patrick Leonard; Section E (WWI)
Private First Class Joseph F. McQuillan Jr.; Section C (WWII)
Private Thomas Gaetano Moscariella, Section D (WWI)
Private Patrick Owens; Section E (WWI)
Walter Kelly Peet; Section B (WWII)
Apprentice Seaman Marcus Emmett Sheehan; West Section (WWI)

Saint Matthews’s Cemetery, 246 Danbury Rd, Wilton CT
Private Lewis Hayden Arnold; Plot 41A, Row 1, Space 9 (Civil War)

Saint Michael’s Cemetery, 2205 Stratford Ave, Stratford CT
Private Joseph Marion Pleban; Lot West 24, Row 1, left Soldier’s Plot

Saint Mihiel American Cemetery and Memorial, 54470 Thiaucourt-Regniéville, France
Corporal Alfred Phillip Church; Section A, Row 14, Grave 9 (WWI)
Private Charles R. Davenport; Section B, Row 25, Grave 15 (WWI)
Private William Zoeller; Section B, Row 2, Grave 13 (WWI)

Saint Paul’s Cemetery, 60 East Avenue, Norwalk CT
Lieutenant Albert H. Wilcoxson; unknown plot number (Civil War)

Saint Thomas Cemetery, 142 Mill Plain Road, Fairfield CT
First Lieutenant Ralph Joseph Renzulli; Plot C1 (WWII)

Sicily-Rome American Cemetery, Piazzale Kennedy, 1, 00048 Nettuno RM, Italy
First Lieutenant Harry Millard Kelley; Section C, Row 2, Grave 16 (WWII)
Private First Class Robert Curtis Merritt; Section J, Row 3, Grave 67 (WWII)
Sergeant Harold Charles VanNess; Section F, Row 11, Grave 55 (WWII)

Somme American Cemetery and Memorial, D57, Bony, France
Corporal Gilbert Beith Dymock; Section A, Row 18, Grave 15 (WWI)

Spring Grove Cemetery, 41 Hecker Avenue, Darien CT
Corporal Julius Caesar Nacci; Section S, Lot 2 (Korea)

Sunset Memorial Park, 9801 US-264 Alt, Farmville NC
Specialist Fourth Class Willie Cecil Davis (Vietnam); unknown plot details. Despite numerous e-mails to the City of Farmville and the funeral home that handled the arrangements, his final resting place remains unknown.

Suresnes American Cemetery, 123 Boulevard Washington, 92150 Suresnes, France
Private Samuel Levine; Section B, Row 13, Grave 10 (WWI)

Temple Beth El Memorial Park, 220 Richards Avenue, Norwalk CT
Sergeant Sidney Weitz; Plot K50 (WWII)

Burial site is unknown; more research needed
Private Benjamin Lumpp; remains sent to father in Brooklyn (WWI)
Private Barney Constantino (WWII)
Private First Class George Jay Fischer (Korea)
Sergeant Elmer Lester Frederick (WWII)
Private First Class Anthony B. Gregory (WWII)
Private William Albert O’Brien (WWII)
Sergeant Edward “Sonny” Taylor (WWII)

Can’t find any information
Giovanni Ricco
Frederick Sheehan

Remains are with family
Captain Joseph Orville Brown Jr., Air Force

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