February 23, 1719 (Lyme, CT) – September 21, 1806 (Darien, CT); 87 years old
Married to Hannah Bell on August 23, 1758 in Stamford, CT who passed in 1755
Married to Elizabeth Whiting on January 1, 1756 in Stamford, CT who passed in 1757
Married to Rebeckah Raymond on August 23, 1758 in Stamford, CT who passed in 1785
Children with Hannah: Hannah, Bell, Joseph, Isaac
Child with Elizabeth: Noyes
Child with Rebeckah: Samuel

Householder in Captain Jonathan Bell’s Company; October – December 1776

Graduated from Yale University in 1739 and ordained over the Congregational church in Darien in 1744, a post he held until his death. Princeton University gave him the degree of D.D. in 1791. He published two books, Infant Baptism Defended in 1759, and Election Sermons in 1781.

Reverend Mather was the first minister in Darien. He was captured on July 22, 1781 along with 47 other men and transported across Long Island Sound. Dr. Mather with his parishioners suffered five months in foul British prisons in New York City before those who survived their confinement were exchanged and returned to their homes.

Inscription on his headstone reads, “death is a debt to nature due which I have paid and so must you.”

Mural in Darien Town Hall depicting the capture of Rev. Mather by the British

Buried in Old Five Mile River Cemetery / Brookside Cemetery, 411 Rowayton Avenue, Norwalk. Photo from


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