1833 – October 25, 1862 (New York, NY); 29 years old
Married to Harriet Jane Simpson on November 17, 1861 in New York City.
Enlisted on April 20, 1861 in New York City as a Captain.
Commissioned on November 4, 1861
Unit: 59th New York Infantry, Company G

Born to Gould D. (1805-1885) and Esther M. Brown Jennings (1811-1859). Siblings were Catherine (1831-?), Sarah L. (1836-1842), Esther M. (1839-1843), Isabelle (1842-1844), Emily (1845-1925), Frederick W. (1849-1852) and Wallace H. (1856-1860).

Died from wounds received at Antietam on October 25, 1862.

From The Norwalk Gazette October 28, 1862

Another Hero Gone

In our obituary record today, will be found the announcement of another young Hero’s departure. Another zealous martyr in the holy war for Freedom which is waging, Capt Gould J. Jennings, Son of Gould D. Jennings, Esq., of this town. Young Jennings commanded a Company in the 59th Regiment, New York Volunteers. At the Battle of Sharpesburg and Antietam, he was severely wounded and fell into rebel hands, and although subsequently released, the exposure he there underwent so prostrated his system already weak by reason of his wounds, that he has only been able to reach his home to breathe out the dying testimony of his martyrdom, surrounded by those he loved. Oh, when the record of this terrible war shall have been made up, how bright will be the glory irradiating these young and gallant spirits, who, counting their lives as naught, have dared to strike for “God and their native land,” and for none shall there be a greener laurel crown, than for young Jennings. Standing o’er the grave of such as these, how shall we think of those in our midst who have only revilings for those who would sustain Liberty and the Government, and ”sympathies” for those who instigated this horrible scene of slaughter which now bows down nearly every true heart in the unutterable woe of bereavement. -But-

“A cheer for all who bravely fight,
And a tear for those who fall.”


Captain Gould Jennings of the 59th New York Infantry, Company G was wounded charging Bloody Lane at Antietam, MD on September 17, 1862. He was taken to a field hospital and later removed to New York City where he died on October 25, 1862.

Headstone inscription reads “Capt. Co. G. 59th Regt N.Y.S.I., who fell mortally wounded at the battle of Antietam, Sept. 17th and died Oct. 26th, 1862 ae. 29 y’rs.”

Buried at Norwalk Union Cemetery, Union Avenue, Norwalk, CT; Avenue A; photo provided by Charles Williams, sexton for Norwalk Union Cemetery, via e-mail on April 15, 2021.


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