August 22, 1920 (Norwalk, CT) – June 3, 2012 (unknown); 91 years old
Married to Alice Vellios (1924-2005) on December 3, 1950 in Brockton, MA
Last local address: 12 Academy Street, Norwalk; & 7 Cranbury Woods Road, Norwalk
Enlisted April 3, 1943
Serial number 31331572

Norwalk High School, Class of ’38


POW in German Stalag 2B Hammerstein (99 work camps in vicinity of Koslin & Stolp) West Prussia 53-17.

From The Norwalk Hour May 31, 1944

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Bufithis of 12 Academy Street have received the joyous news that their son, Private Peter Bufithis, reported missing in action with the United States Army in Italy since February 23, is alive and well in a German prison camp. The happy parents received this information in a letter in Peter’s own handwriting, cleared through the Red Cross. Private Bufithis serving with the U.S. Infantry has been in the service about one year. Two other brothers, Charles Bufithis and Milton Bufithis are also in the service. A third brother, Henry Bufithis, is proprietor of the Square Deal Dry Goods Store in Norwalk.

From the Norwalk Hour May 10, 1945

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Bufithis of 12 Academy Street yesterday received a card, dated January 14, 1945, from their son, Private peter Bufithis, who has been a prisoner of war in Germany since February 26, 1944, and while he does not tell of having been liberated, he mentions attending a church service and writes that he is well. No official notice of Private Bufithis’ liberation has been received although references to personal matters which the private included on his card, indicate that he was anticipating a return to this country. Private Bufithis, who went into the service in March 1943, and overseas in September of that year, was reported by the Wear Department as missing in action in Italy since February 26, 1944. A few weeks later, his parents received a card from him telling that he was in a German prison camp and was well. The card was cleared through the Red Cross and was followed by subsequent cards at regular intervals. He has two brothers in the service, Private Charles Bufithis in the Hawaiian area, and  Private Milton Bufithis is at Camp Lee, Virginia.

Buried in New Saint Francis Cemetery, South Kingstown, Rhode Island; unknown plot number

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