April 15, 1917 (Bridgeport, CT) – Unknown
Last local address: 101 Woodward Avenue, South Norwalk
Enlisted on February 17, 1941 in the Pennsylvania National Guard
Serial number 20317684

German POW camp information is unknown. While Private D’Amato has a POW record on file, the camp information is blank.

There is also a hospital record that shows he was admitted in April 1945 with a non-traumatic injury. He is listed as being in “Infantry, Parachute Units.” The diagnosis was “Deformities due to previous disease or injury… location: Thorax, generally; Diagnosis: Streptococcal infection.” The discharge type is: Discharged or Retired for Disability, Line of Duty, Yes.” Discharge date was October 1945. In the Notes section it says “Repatriated Prisoner of Germany; repatriated during current year.”

The following articles show the sequence of events and then nothing more beyond that.

From The Norwalk Hour March 14, 1945

A Norwalk man is listed today as missing in action according to a telegram received by his family from the War Department. The missing man is Private Anthony D’Amato, son of Mr. and Mrs. Carmine D’Amato of 101 Woodward Avenue. Private D’Amato is also a paratrooper and is listed as missing in Germany since February 7. He has been in the service since 1940 when he enlisted in the National Guard in Philadelphia.

From The Norwalk Hour August 27, 1945

Mr.  and Mrs. Charles D’Amato of 101 Woodward Avenue entertained a large gathering of friends at a dinner party yesterday in honor of their son, Anthony D’Amato, medically discharged veteran of World War Two. Sergeant D’Amato was shot through the stomach and chest by enemy gunfire as he dropped with his parachute unit into Germany several hours before invasion. D’Amato’s unit was deployed as a foil to draw enemy troops away from the actual area to be invaded. He spent many months in hospitals in France and England and is still receiving treatment in hospitals here. He holds the Purple Heart Medal and his unit received the Presidential Unit citation. Around the festive board in the D’Amato home were the host and hostess, Judge and Mrs. William F. Tammany, Judge John J. Cuneo, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Olsen, Mr. and Mrs. Fred A Pasetti, Mgrdi H. Manugian, Sergeant D’Amato, Mr. and Mrs. Euclid Lessard, Mr. and Mrs. George E. Boyland, Mrs. Robert F. Bossing, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin F. Parker, Judge Richard H. Ireland, and William Solanch.

From The Norwalk Hour April 13, 1946

Anthony D’Amato, Woodward Avenue, was arrested on the charge of breach of the peace. The case is scheduled for hearing in City Court.

From The Norwalk Hour May 24, 1947

Margaret C. D’Amato of Stamford was granted a divorce from Anthony D’Amato of this city in Superior Court, Bridgeport, on grounds of desertion on November 16, 1939. They were married on November 8, 1938.

From The Norwalk Hour March 8, 1952

Anthony D’Amato, 34, of 101 Woodward Avenue, was fined $50 and sentenced to three months by Judge L. Nassberg of the court for an assault on William J. Christiano. The jail sentence is suspended. Joseph D’Amato, 30, of 11 York Street, restates to Anthony was charged with conspiracy in connection with the assault, was freed when the court found insufficient evidence for probably cause for a bond over to Superior Court. The two men were arrested after police found Christiano, a cook, badly beaten on Railroad Avenue, near Dube’s Diner. Christiano testified that he was eating in the diner when Joseph D’Amato told him someone wanted to see him outside. He said that when went outside, Anthony D’Amato struck him without warning and hit him so hard he was unable to defend himself as D’Amato continued the assault. He said he has been under a physician’s care since being beaten up. There was testimony that bad blood had existed between the two men for two years since they worked together in a West Avenue restaurant.

Burial information is unknown, as is a date of death

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