August 27, 1924 (Ormskirk, England) – November 5, 1980 (Fort Sam Houston, TX); 56 years old
Married to Irene Eva Maria Rathske (1925-2013)
Local address: 115 Washington Street, South Norwalk
Enlisted on March 9, 1943. Served until December 17, 1972.
Serial number 32867932
Served for 29 years during WWII, Korea, and Vietnam.

Held in German POW camp Stalag 2B Hammerstein (99 work camps in vicinity of
Koslin & Stolp) West Prussia 53-17.

From The Norwalk Hour July 6, 1944

Private Arthur A. Russell, son of Mrs. Eliza Russell of Norwalk, who was reported missing in action, is a prisoner in Germany according to the War Department.

From The Norwalk Hour July 10, 1945

Listed today is Private Arthur A. Russell, son of Mrs. Eliza Russel of 18 Lawrence Street, who is a liberated prisoner of war in Germany.

From The Norwalk Hour September 19, 1945

Lake Placid Club, New York – Private Arthur A. Russell of 155 Washington Street, South Norwalk, Connecticut, son of Mrs. Lillian Barker, who recently returned from overseas duty, has reported to the Army Ground and the European Theater of Operations. He participated in the campaigns in Italy and wears the Combat Infantry Badge.

From The Norwalk Hour January 19, 1946

Recently accepted for service in the Regular Army following application at the local Army Recruiting Station was Arthur Russell, of 115 Washington Street. Russell, 21, is a veteran with three years’ service in the Signal Corps to his credit. He was a photographic laboratory technician with the infantry and served in the European Theater for two years. Born in Southport, England, he was naturalized in 1943, while in the Army.

Buried in Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery; Section 5, Site 287. Picture from Used with permission.

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