May 31, 1920 (Dornar, PA) – March 17, 2000 (Bridgeport, CT); 79 years old
Married to Marjorie Kobaly Ulman (1919-1998) on June 23, 1941 in Norwalk, CT.
One son, Robert (1941-).
Local address: 53 Woodward Avenue, 7 Neptune Avenue and 44 Baxter Drive, Norwalk
Enlisted on May 16, 1939
Service number 16141547
7th Field Artillery Battalion, Battery C

Born to Joseph (1877-1962) and Mary (1884-1978), both born in Hungary. One brother, Stephen (1912-1991), and two sisters, Rose (1914-1992), and Ethel Ulman Suren (1918-1995).

Recipient of the Purple Heart Medal.

From The Norwalk Hour February 11, 1967

PFC Ulman Gets Service Medal

Nearly a quarter of a century ago, John R. Ulman of 44 Baxter Drive served with Battery C, 7th Field Artillery Battalion in North Africa. A Private First Class at the time, Mr. Ulman was awarded a Bronze Star Medal “for meritorious achievement in connection with military operations against the enemy from November 8, 1942 to August 17, 1943. That citation, which also declared that Mr. Ulman performed “capable and courageous services” which contributed “immeasurably to the combat efficiency of his organization through the North African and Sicilian campaigns,” was issued, but he never received his medal. Recently, Mr. Ulman decided he would like to have his Bronze Star and he asked Rep. Donald J. Irwin to track it down for him. Mr. Irwin did and had just been advised by the Adjutant General’s Office that the commanding officer, U.S. Army Support Center, in Philadelphia “has been authorized to forward Mr. Ulman the Bronze Star Medal.” The medal should be reaching Mr. Ulman shortly, along with an appropriately inscribed certificate signed by Secretary of the Army Stanley R. Resor and Major General Kenneth G. Wickham, the Adjutant General. At the time he won the citation, Mr. Ulman was a supply and personnel drive. In the performance of his duties, he was wounded as a result of enemy action, also receiving the Purple Heart Medal.

Buried in Saint John’s Cemetery, Richards Avenue, Norwalk. Plot number unknown. Photo from


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