December 9, 2022

I track the number of hits on my site every day. I usually check the previous day in the morning and the current day in the afternoon. On the morning of December 10, I looked at December 9 and saw some unusual traffic on one particular page/post. Chief Radioman Thomas J. Reeves; U.S. Navy, Medal of Honor recipient, had 66 hits. My first reaction was related to how the core of why I created this site, was finally coming to fruition — education of the masses.

Thomas J. Reeves was killed on the USS California in the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. He is one of 19 Connecticut residents killed in the attack. Someone used to create a link to his page. In the “Referrers” section of the WordPress dashboard, there were 62 referrals from that site.

It would be impossible to find exactly where those hits came from. I know it’s in the United States, but beyond that, WordPress doesn’t trace a hit the way you can trace a phone call. Whoever that was, you have my thanks for teaching your audience about Thomas Reeves from Thomaston, Connecticut. His story remains alive and well and that’s really what matters. Kudos.

Published by jeffd1121

USAF retiree. Veteran advocate. Committed to telling the stories of those who died while in the service of the country during wartime.

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