April 4, 1943 (Norwalk, CT) – present
Married to Laura Jean Anania on July 8, 1973, in Brockton, Massachusetts
Local address: 3 Thames Street, Norwalk
Enlisted on October 14, 1965; discharged on July 19, 1967
Serial number: 51541506
Unit: 196th Light Infantry Brigade, 1st Infantry Regiment, 2nd Battalion, Company A

Born to Peter L. (1901-1975) and Anna “Anne” E. Cleary Previdi (1909-1962). Two sisters, Mary A. Previdi Moore (1942-) and Jane M. (1946-).

Wounded in a mortar attack when he was a part of an advanced party from Tay Ninh to Cuchi.

Norwalk High School Class of ’61

West Virginia Institute of Technology at Montgomery Class of ’65

Photo contributed by Peter Previdi.

From The Norwalk Hour March 2, 1967


APO San Francisco
February 24, 1967

Editor of The Hour:
It is with great pleasure that I write in hopes that some recognition be paid to Burce and George Wragg of Wragg Brothers Well Drilling Corporation. Thru their contribution of a water system and precise instruction of installation, the officers and men of Company A, 2d Battalion, 1st Infantry, 196th Light Infantry Brigade in Vietnam now have a unique and adequate water supply in which to bathe. Upon arrival in Vietnam in August, we were greeted with very crude conditions. Water was extremely scarce and therefore left little for washing. Immediately we set to work on digging a well. Once this was accomplished, there was no means, other than by bucket, to draw the water. Having worked for the Wragg Brothers through high school and college, I was aware of the knowledge these men possessed on water systems, so I immediately wrote for advice. No sooner had I written, than a very suitable system was sent to us without charge. Through the thoughtfulness of these men, we are now able to shower, shave, wash clothes, and numerous other things without time taking and excess physical effort. This is indeed a pleasure to us all. We are a proud unit. We consider ourselves the best company and we know we have the best water system of any infantry company in Vietnam. Thanks to Bruce and George Wragg.

Peter P. Previdi
Sgt E-5
United States Army


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