Unknown DOB – April 29, 1862; unknown age Enlisted on September 17, 1861 Mustered in September 23, 1861 Unit: 8th Infantry, Connecticut Volunteers, Company H Died of smallpox on April 29, 1862 at the General Hospital in New Bern, North Carolina Buried in Pine Island Cemetery, Crescent Street, Norwalk, CT. Photo from END


Unknown DOB – October 21, 1863; unknown age Enlisted on April 24, 1861 Mustered in May 14, 1861 (3 months) Unit #1: 3rd Infantry, Connecticut Volunteers, Company G Mustered in again on August 28, 1862 Unit #2: 17th Infantry, Connecticut Volunteers, Company A Died from “dropsy of the pericardium”, a heart condition, on October 21,Continue reading “SERGEANT EDWIN R. SMITH”


Unknown DOB – July 24, 1864 (Andersonville, GA); unknown age Enlisted on October 2, 1863 Mustered in October 2, 1863 Unit: 14th Infantry, Connecticut Volunteers, Company B Became a POW on May 12, 1864 at Spotsylvania Court House, Virginia. Died on July 24, 1864. Buried at Andersonville National Cemetery, 496 Cemetery Road, Andersonville, GA; SiteContinue reading “PRIVATE CARL PAMPLE”


September 19, 1841 (Norwalk, CT) – September 3, 1863 (unknown location); 21 years old Enlisted on September 14, 1861 Mustered in September 23, 1861 Unit: 8th Infantry, Connecticut Volunteers, Company H Born to Valentine Merrill (1811-1875) and Fanny E. Bouton Merrill (1816-1860). Siblings were Mary E. (1832-1893), Joseph B. (1835-1900), Albert M. (1844-1902), Emma L.Continue reading “PRIVATE CHARLES E. MERRILL”


1830 (Astbury, England) – September 19, 1864 (Winchester, VA); 33 or 34 years old Married to Marion Marquick Malkin (1838-1910) on March 18, 1858 in Norwalk, CT Children were Thomas H. (1856-1926) and Nellie M. (1859-1888) Enlisted December 14, 1861 Mustered in December 22, 1861 Unit: 13th Infantry, Connecticut Volunteers, Company H Reenlisted on FebruaryContinue reading “CORPORAL WILLIAM MALKIN”

Norwalk in the Civil War

Today I posted bios for the 73 Norwalk residents known to have died during the Civil War. Of those 73, 18 died as a result of wounds received, 22 were killed in action, 11 died of an unknown cause, 21 died of disease, and 1 died in a drowning accident. There were many more whoContinue reading “Norwalk in the Civil War”


November 6, 1828 (Unknown location) – May 2, 1863 (Chancellorsville, VA); 35 years oldEnlisted August 13, 1862Mustered in August 28, 1862Unit: 17th Regiment, Connecticut Volunteer, Company F Died of wounds received at Chancellorsville, Virginia. Buried in St. Matthew’s Parish Cemetery, Wilton, CT; right side of the old drive, Plot 41A, Row 1, Space 9. PhotoContinue reading “PRIVATE LEWIS HAYDEN ARNOLD II”


Unknown DOB – October 21, 1863 (Alexandria, VA); unknown ageCompany F, 17th Regiment, Connecticut Volunteers.Enlisted August 9, 1862Mustered in August 28, 1862Unit: 17th Regiment, Connecticut Volunteers Died of typhoid fever in the 1st Division Hospital in Alexandria, VA. Buried in Alexandria National Cemetery, 1450 Wilkes Street, Alexandria, VA; Section A, Grave 981-6. Photo from reading “PRIVATE JOSEPH H. ARMSTRONG”