November 14, 1906 (Danbury, CT) – September 29, 1960 (West Haven, CT); 53 years old
Married to Isabelle Veronica Downey McCarthy (1914-1999)
Three sons, James (1948-), Theodore Jr. (1949-), and Terrence (1951-).
Local address 145 Washington Street and 57 Putnam Avenue
Enlisted on April 4, 1942
Serial number 31104346
Unit: 101st Cavalry Group, 116th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron

Born to Patrick (1869-1951) and Anna May McGlynn McCarthy (1871-1946). One brother George (1898-1950), and three sisters, Kathleen (1902-?), Anna McCarthy Dorwart (1903-1974), and Helen McCarthy Doyle (1909-1983).

Wounded in action in April 1945. Shot in the leg. Received the Purple Heart Medal.

From 101st Cavalry History: During the month of April, the 101st Cavalry Group screened the advance of the XXI corp. deeper into Germany against rapidly stiffening resistance. During this time the German’s advanced jet aircraft made their first appearance strafing and bombing units all over the 7th Army front including the 101st. Throughout April and the first few days of May, the 101st continued to screen the advance of the XXI corp. and fought a number of gritty battles with troops from the 17th SS Panzer Division and the elite SS Totenkopf Division. On May 5th the fighting ended for the 101st Cavalry Group. On May 8th a platoon from the 101st Cavalry Group captured Field Marshal Kesselring and his entire staff at Zeller See. The 101st also captured a number of German governmental officials including the Secretary of Agriculture, the Postmaster General, and the chief of the Reich Chancellery in addition to the Japanese ambassador to Germany and his diplomatic entourage. The unit was relieved on May 11th, 1945, and would soon return home for deactivation.

Buried in New Saint Peter Cemetery, 71 Lake Avenue Extension, Danbury, CT. Plot number is unknown. Photo pending.


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