Since I started this website, I have always tracked the traffic to it, and beyond. Who clicked on what, who found the site through a search engine such as Google, what country were they in? WordPress provides that through their analytics.

It’s always been a really fascinating piece of being able to bring this information to the internet and to people who are interested in these honorees, who are as interested as I was when I started the research in 2018.

So, Pearl Harbor… as the title of this blog post alludes to. The site has always received a flurry of hits and clicks around the first week in December. My hunch is that cities around Connecticut are putting together a presentation or summation of who the 19 heroes from Connecticut are, who perished in the attack on Pearl Harbor.

I’m honored to make my research available to the public, however, my request is that proper credit is given to this site when these same people or cities use it to amplify their Pearl Harbor Day ceremonies.

This site is copyrighted. While I drew from other sources, citing those sources, is the personification of integrity. Especially the families and people who contributed to these pages. I only want the same in return. It’s the right thing to do.

God Bless the Greatest Generation and may we always remember what precipitated the United States’ involvement in World War II — the attack in and around Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. Never forget the 19 brave souls from Connecticut who joined the service prior to the start of World War II, only to have their legacy be that they paid the ultimate price on The Day That Will Live In Infamy.

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USAF retiree. Veteran advocate. Committed to telling the stories of those who died while in the service of the country during wartime.

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