PFC John Magrath’s memory kept alive at Fort Drum, NY

A November 9, 2021 article by the Fort Drum Garrison Public Affairs office highlighted how the sports complex there, is still named for Norwalk’s own PFC John D. Magrath. PFC Magrath was the only member of the 10th Mountain Division to be awarded the Medal of Honor during World War II.

I called the office and asked for the pictures used in the article and they were sent to me the same day. I’m very grateful to them for sharing these shots of our hometown hero’s legacy at Fort Drum.


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One thought on “PFC John Magrath’s memory kept alive at Fort Drum, NY

  1. I grew up in Christ Episcopal Church, East Norwalk, CT, PFC john Magrath’s hometown. I was a boy scout in troop 16 the best troop in town at that time which met in the church parish hall where a portrait of PFC John Magrath was proudly hung. All the scouts knew of John and his Army Metal of Honor. Most of all our Scout Leaders were World War II and Korean War Veterans. They taught us well. Oddly enough, 6 years after the 1960 Boy Scout Jamboree in Colorado Springs, CO, I found myself in the U.S Third Army, 52nd Ordnance S.A.D.S. during the Vietnam War. I have always remembered PFC John David Magrath on Memorial Day and the inspiration his story provided to all the scouts of ” OLD TROOP 16 “.


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