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Month #, 1705 (Norwalk, CT) – March 29, 1785 (Norwalk, CT); 79 or 80 years old
Married to Mercy Olmstead St. John (1711-1748). Remarried to Mary Couch in 1749.
Daughters Susannah St. John Raymond (1735-1774), Lydia St. John Seymour (1737-1829), and Mercy St. John Gregory (?-1839).
Sons Stephen (1733-1801), Moses (1739-1822), and Josiah (1744-1830).

Born to James St. John (1674-1754) and Mary Comstock St. John (1671-1749). Brothers Daniel (1700-1761) and Samuel (1699-1779).


He was a fence viewer from 1731-1752. On the Grand Jury in 1733, Surveyor in 1747, Selectman in 1752, 1761, 1764-66 and 1770. In October 1752 he was a Quarter Master of a troop of horsemen in the 9th Regiment. From 1761-1773, a Leather Sealer. 1770 Sealer of Weights. During the French and Indian War he enlisted on April 4, 1758 in Captain Isaac’s 8th Company 4th Regiment. and was discharged in November 1758. On December 14, 1749, Moses married Mary, widow of Benjamin Couch. Appointed 2nd Lieutenant on May 28, 1778 in Captain Richard Sackett’s (Grenadier) company of Colonel Thomas Thomas’ regiment of Westchester County, New York Militia. Appointed Captain, vice Miller refused in same regiment, September 29, 1780.

Buried in Town House Hill Cemetery, 2 East Wall Street, Norwalk, CT.

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