War of the Revolution

After a pause of a month or so in this project, I finally found the time to dig into the list of the veterans of the Revolutionary War who are buried in Norwalk, Connecticut. Of the 59 names on that list, several had extensive battle experience in George Washington’s Army. Others served for a monthContinue reading “War of the Revolution”


1744 (Norwalk, CT) – December 6, 1821 (Norwalk, CT); 77 years oldMarried to Esther Benedict on January 20, 1766 in Norwalk, CTChildren: Mary, Esther, Elizabeth, Uriah, Grace, Mary (1st born died in 1781), Simeon, Eli, Harriet, CharlesCaptain Seth Seymour’s Company, 9th Connecticut Regiment; 1776 and 1781 as Company Commander Buried in Pine Island Cemetery


May 4, 1753 (Norwalk, CT) – March 4, 1849 (Norwalk, CT); 95 years oldMarried Dorothy Wood on August 3, 1772 in Norwalk, CTChildren: Hannah, Nathaniel Jr., Rebeckah, Street, Eliakim, Charles, Henry, Elnathan, Delia, LydiaCaptain Seth Seymour’s Company, 9th Connecticut Regiment; December 1776 – March 1777 Buried in Pine Island Cemetery


January 18, 1724 (Norwalk, CT) – May 18, 1806 (Norwalk, CT); 50 years oldMarried to Abigail Taylor on April 12, 1749 in Norwalk, CTOne son, Gershom Jr.Children: Polly, George, Gershom, Anson, Lewis, Charlotte, Julia, CharlesCaptain Jonathan Bell’s Company, 9th Connecticut Regiment; October – December 1776Committee of Safety, County Congress, and Household Keeping Watch Buried inContinue reading “HOUSEHOLDER GERSHOM RAYMOND SR.”


1737 (Norwalk, CT) – May 25, 1824 (Norwalk, CT); 86 or 87 years oldMarried to Mary (Polly) Merwine on November 5, 1765 in Norwalk, CTChildren Polly, Hannah, Clara, Thomas, Jabez, Rebecca, Platt, Merwine, Josiah, Jabez, George, MaryCaptain Jonathan Bell’s Company, 9th Connecticut Regiment; August 1776 – September 1776 &Captain Jabez Gregory’s Company, 9th Connecticut Regiment;Continue reading “PRIVATE JOSIAH RAYMOND”