War of the Revolution

After a pause of a month or so in this project, I finally found the time to dig into the list of the veterans of the Revolutionary War who are buried in Norwalk, Connecticut. Of the 59 names on that list, several had extensive battle experience in George Washington’s Army. Others served for a monthContinue reading “War of the Revolution”


October 10, 1734 (Norwalk, CT) – May 1, 1821 (Norwalk, CT); 86 years oldMarried to Lydia St. John on January 6, 1757 in Norwalk, CTChildren: Mary, William, Lydia, Josiah, Marcia, Belden, Benjamin Capt Zacheus Cases’s Company; 9th Connecticut Regiment; April – May 1776 Wounded in the attack on Fort Griswold in Groton Heights, CT inContinue reading “LIEUTENANT WILLIAM SEYMOUR”


October 10, 1734 (Norwalk, CT) – November 22, 1786 (Norwalk, CT); 52 years oldMarried to Rebecca Keeler in 1753 in Norwalk, CTChildren: Jonathan, Samuel, Ruth, Rebecca, Sarah, John IV, Betty, Martha Lt John Carter’s Company, 9th Connecticut Regiment; October – December 1776; 16 days in June 1779; also 16 days in June 1882 Buried inContinue reading “PRIVATE JOHN SEYMOUR III”


May 26, 1752 (Norwalk, CT) – December 11, 1834 (Norwalk, CT); 82 years oldMarried to Rebecca Keeler on February 13, 1774 in Norwalk, CTChildren: James, Hannah, Rebecca, Lucretia, Ruth, Samuel, Polly, John Connecticut Continental line Quartermaster; dates unknown Buried in Pine Island Cemetery, Crescent Street, Norwalk, CT. Photo from findagrave.com. END