Revolutionary War veterans buried in Norwalk

NOTE: the names were researched and documented by the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR), and published in: Norwalk After Two Hundred and Fifty Years; An account of the Celebration of the 250th Anniversary of the Charter of the Town; September 11, 1651 – September 11, 1901, and were transposed from a copy held at the Norwalk Library.



Union Cemetery, Norwalk
Hezekiah Betts, 1760-1837, Private, Sergeant
Silas Betts, 1753-1832, Private
Dr. Jonathan Knight, 1758-1829, Surgeon’s Mate

Town House Cemetery
Jesse Bedient, 1746-1824, Private
Isaac Betts Jr., 1760-1827, Private
John Betts, 1809, Private
Jabez Gregory, 1741-1824, Captain
Stephen Hoyt, 1762-1827, Private
Jarvis Kellogg, 1731-1815, Private
Hezekiah Lockwood, 1745-1816, Private
Moses St. John Sr., 1705-1785, Captain
Nathan St. John, 1720-1795, Private
Stephen St. John, 1732-1801, Private
Enoch Scribner, 1756-1816, Sergeant and Ensign
James Selleck, 1732-1809, Private

East Norwalk Cemetery
Richard Camp, 1741-1813, Sergeant
David Comstock, 1720-1782, Private
Daniel Eversley, 1740-1825, Corporal
John Eversley, 1736-1798, Private
James Fitch III, 1758-1828, Private
Daniel Hanford, 1746-1797, Private
Hezekiah Hanford, 1722-1812, Private
Stephen Lockwood, 1754-1830, Private
Samuel Marvin Jr., 1740-1820, Private
Josiah Raymond, 1736-1824, Private
Stephen St. John, 1730-1785, Lieutenant Colonel
William St. John, 1763-1805, Private
James Smith, 1756-1813, Private

St. Paul’s Cemetery
Asa Hoyt, 1745-1806, Lieutenant
Aaron Keeler, 1759-1837, Ensign
John Lockwood, 1734-1816, Paymaster
John Street, 1760-1833, Private
Hezekiah Whitlock, 1768-1836, Private
Hezekiah Whitney, 1705-1790, Private

Raymond Cemetery, 414 Rowayton Avenue
Gershom Raymond, 1725-1806, Householder
Paul Raymond, 1750-1828, Clerk and Sergeant

Spring Grove Cemetery, 41 Hecker Avenue, Darien
Stephen Raymond, 1757-1827, Private

Old Five Mile River Cemetery / Brookside Cemetery, 411 Rowayton Avenue
Eli Reed, 1743-1811, Lieutenant and Captain
Jesse Reed, 1734-1822, Householder
John Richards, 1720-1890, Householder
John Mather, 1747-1791, Private
Rev. Moses Mather DD., 1718-1806
Moses Webb, 1756-1850, Private

Pine Island Cemetery
Nathaniel Benedict, 1716-1806, Private
William Bouton, 1749-1828 Sergeant
Daniel Hoyt, 1710-1786, Private
John Hoyt Jr., 1716-1790, Private
Nathan Hoyt, 1718-1799, Private
William Hoyt, Private
Stephen Hyatt, 1761-1842, Private
Samuel Keeler, 1744-1817, Captain
Daniel Lockwood, 1725-1788, Private
David Marvin, 1759-1841, Private
Evert Quintard, 1762-1833, Private
Nathaniel Raymond Jr., 1788-1824, Private
Nathaniel Raymond, 1753-1849, Private
Uriah Raymond, 1744-1821, Ensign
James Seymour, 1752-1834, Quartermaster
John Seymour III, 1734-1786, Private
William Seymour, 1734-1821, Lieutenant
Stephen Wood, 1759-1830, Private


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