October 25, 1920 (Norwalk, CT) – June 28, 1993 (Brookfield, CT); 72 years old
Married to Swedish-born Britta Ingegerd Weber on April 18, 1942 in Elizabeth, NJ
Last local address: 21 Chestnut Street, South Norwalk
Enlisted September 2, 1942
Serial number 11094783

German POW in Stalag 9B Bad Orb Hessen-Nassau, Prussia 50-09.

From The Norwalk Hour April 28, 1945

First Sergeant James L. Beers, son of Mrs. Mary Beers, reported as missing in action since January 9, is now known to be a prisoner of war of the German government according to word received this morning by his brother, Police Officer Joseph Beers of 21 Chestnut Street. The news of his whereabouts was confirmed by the International Red Cross. Sergeant Beers enlisted in the service in 1942 and has been overseas since last November. He is a member of the 42nd (Rainbow) Infantry Division and was active in athletic circles before entering the service.

From The Norwalk Hour May 8, 1945

V-E Day was a day of particular significance and joy to the parents of a Norwalk boy, information having been received that the young man, previously reported missing in action, that he has been liberated from a German prison camp. Mrs. Mary Beers of 21 Chestnut Street received a letter from her son, First Sergeant James L. Beers in his handwriting, telling her that he had been liberated and is undergoing treatment in an American Army hospital. That Sergeant Beers was wounded is indicated in his comment “my leg is coming along fine and by the time I get to see you it will be as good as new.” Sergeant Beers enlisted in 1942 and has been overseas since last November. He is a member of the 42nd “Rainbow” Infantry Division. He was active in athletics before entering the service.

Unknown burial location

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