Civil War

NOTE: the names were researched and documented by the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR), and published in: Norwalk After Two Hundred and Fifty Years; An account of the Celebration of the 250th Anniversary of the Charter of the Town; September 11, 1651 – September 11, 1901, and were transposed from a copy held at the Norwalk Library.



Pine Island Cemetery
H. Batchman (unknown)
William Bauten
H. Benedict
Theo. B. Benedict
John B. Bouton
William S. Bouton
J.L. Byington
John F. Byxbee
Steven Byxbee
N. Crosman
William Davis (NY)
Mrs. Douglas Fowler (wife of Douglas Fowler)
Harry Godspink
Henry C. Holmes
William Hoyt
Charles Jennings
George Joyce
Henry Masson (MA)
William Mayhew
George McCallins
George H. Meeker William Miller (PA)
George E. Merrils
William Nash
James E. Parks
Ruben Rogers
George W. Smith
William P. Smith
Henry C. Taylor
Francis Thomas (NY)
N.S. Tuttle
Sam F. Smith
Oscar Tuttle
Orlander Vanordu (WA)
Albert Vantasel
Albert Warren (NY)
John W. Whiteman
George Wood
Unknowns – nine total

Rowayton Cemetery
Henry Baker
Ira Bishop (unknown)
William H. Brady (unknown)
William Coperwaith (NY)
George Dingey
Steven Ferris
William H. Ferris
Lyman Finch
James Gregory (unknown)
Henry Hallett
William Hamon (Darien)
George A. Hoyt
Martin Ingersol
Charles Ives (NY)
Elias Johnson (unknown)
G. Johnson (unknown)
Henry Johnson
John Mannus (NY)
William McGovern (unknown)
S.H. Meeker (Darien)
Edward Mills (unknown)
Fred Morton (MA)
Edward Schnell (PA)
David Scofield
Charles H. Smith (unknown)
James Talmadge
John H. Tooker (Darien)
James Whitney (Darien)
Gilbert Vincent (Darien)
William Wood (Naugatuck)
Unknown – eight total without identification

East Norwalk Cemetery
J.A. Ames
William Bates (NY)
Thomas Fitch
N. Ganung (NY)
William Goodwin (NY)
H.H. Grey
Morris Jennings
Francis Jones
Charles Knapp
George Knapp
William R. Knapp
J.E. Lacy
Clark Osborn
Charles Paddock (NY)
Henry Raymond
George Redman (NY)
Charles St. Johns
Eph. Smith (NY)
William Tubbs
William Wheeler
Albert Whitney (NY)
Jacob Witztine (NY)
Washington Youngs (NY)
Unknown – seven total and are identified as soldiers’ graves


Riverside Cemetery
Alonzo P. Abbott, Co. E, 12th C.V.
John Ainley, U.S. Navy
Elijah Ballard, Co. G, 6th N.Y.H.A.
Cyrus C. Barber, Co. K, 25th C.V.
Albert R. Bishop, Co. H, 7th N.Y.H.A
Robert Bones, Co. C, 17th C.V.
Augustus B. Brown, Co. D, 1st Conn. Cav.
John R. Brown, Co. F, 17th C.V.
Theodore Brush, Co. F, 17th C.V..
Edgar Buttery, Co. A, 17th C.V.
Anthony R. Canfield, 2d Lieut., Co. F, 8th C.V.
Nathan B. Clark, 8th N.J. Vols
P.L. Cunningham, Lieut. Col., 8th C.V.
John Dechel, Co. B, 119th N.Y. Vols.
Julius A. Elendorf, Co. I, 1st N.J. Vos.
William Watter Farwell, Co. F, 6th C.V.
Andrew J. Gilbert, U.S. Navy
Cornelius L. Henry, U.S. Navy
Henry M. Hobert, Co. B, 25th C.V.
Enos Kellogg, Capt., Co. H, 17th C.V.
George R. Kellogg, Co. G, 28th C.V.
William R. Knapp, Co. C, 5th C.V.
Christian Lack, Co. E, 1st N.Y. Cav.
David M. Lane, U.S. Navy
Frederic Laramie, Co. B, 5th N.Y.H.A.
Charles Lawrence, Co. C, 11th C.V.
Alanson S. Merwin, Co. G, 23rd C.V.
Thomas F. Nichols, Co. D, 51st N.Y. Vols.
Richmond Nisbet, Co. K., 13th C.V.
Thomas O’Neal, Co. G, 15th N.Y.H.A.
Dr. Samuel Orton, U.S. Army
Joseph Packard, Capt., 39th N.J. Vols.
Austin Pope, Co. B, 7th N.J. Vols.
Andrew Rusco, Co. G, 10th C.V.
Charles Smith, 1st Lieut., Co. G, 17th C.V.
Isaac Smith, Co. F, 17th C.V.
George Taylor, Co. C, 2nd C.V.
General Nelson Taylor, U.S. Army
William A. Titus, Co. A, 17th C.V.
Emanual Vanclief, U.S. Navy
Thomas B. Weed, 1st Lieut., Co. A, 17th C.V.
William W. Westlake, Co. A, 17th C.V.
James Westerfield, Co. K., 48 N.Y. Vols.
John Weston, Co. B. 29th C.V.
John W. Williams, U.S. Navy
One Unknown

St. Paul’s Cemetery
Edward G. Bishop, Asst. Paymaster, U.S. Navy
Oliver S. Bishop, Hospital Steward, 27th C.V.
George F. Daskam, 2d Conn. Light Battery
Dr. John W. McLessa, Co. H, 38th N.&. Vols, and Surgeon in U.S. Army
David St. John, War 1812
Frank B. Smith, 1st Lieut., Co. C, 2nd Ill. Art.
Capt. Edward Taylor, War 1812
Albert H. Wilcoxson, Lieut. Col., 17th C.V.
Capt. Henry Wilson, U.S. Navy

St. Mary’s Cemetery
Elbert Avery, Co. B, 18th C.V.
Albert Ayers, Record unknown
John Boyce, Co. G and L, 2nd Conn. H.A.
Peter Boyle, Co. H, 8th and Co. H, 14th C.V.
John Brown, Co. H, 13th C.V.
Martin Burns, 69th N.Y. Vols.
John Cahill, Co. M, 2nd N.Y. Cavalry
Michael Carew, New Jersey Vols.
William Cockefur, Co. H, 9th N.Y.
Richard Colburt, N.Y. Reg.
John Dugan, Co. F, 17th C.V.
Patrick Dunbary, Co. K. 25th C.V.
James Ellis, Co. A, 15th N.Y. Eng.
Thomas Farrell, Co. F, 17th C.V.
Patrick Ford, Co. A., 17th C.V.
Michael Fitzgerald, Co. C, 2nd N.H. Vols
Patrick Fitzpatrick, Co. E, 12th C.V.
Thomas Gilhooly, Co. G, 28th C.V.
Henry Grady, Co., F, 8th C.V.
John Harkins, Co. H, 8th C.V.
John Hayes, 88th N.Y. Vols
James Hopkins, Co. E, 170th N.Y. Vols
Joseph Kearney, U.S. Navy
Henry Layton, U.S. Navy
Martin B. Leonard, Co. D, 8th N.Y. Vols
Joseph McCormick, Co. H, 1st Conn. Cavalry
Michael McGowan, U.S. Navy
James McGoy, Co. I, 35th N.J. Vols
James O’Connor, Co. A., 3rd C.V.
James O’Brien, Co. G, U.S. Inf.
Michael O’Brien, Co. G, 28th C.V.
David O’Connor, Co. A, 4rd and Co. G, 8th C.V.
Michael Shields, Co. F, 69th N.Y. Vols.
John Welch, Co. E, 12th C.V.
Armstead M. Pomeroy, U.S. Navy
James O’Brien, N.J. Reg.
John McCormick, Co. G, 28th C.V.
John Tracy, Co. F, 17th C.V.
Warren Sheldon, Co. K, 1st Conn Cavalry
Joseph Strapp, Co. G., 2nd N.Y.H.A.
Thomas Tierney, Co. G. 28th C.V.

Union Cemetery
Henry Allen, Lieut. Col., 17th C.V.
James L. Allen, Sergt, Co. D, 7th C.V.
James L. Ambler, Co. C, 27th C.V.
Charles Annin, New York Vols.
James Banks, Co. B, 165th N.Y. Vols
James Barbour, H.S. 21st Conn. Vols.
Theodore L. Beckwith, Capt, Co. G, 28th C.V.
Lewis Benedict, Co. H, 17th C.V.
C. Fred Betts, Capt. Co. F, 17th C.V.
Charles E. Blackman, U.S.A.
Daniel Hoyt Blake, Chaplain Christian, Conn.
William L. Bodwell, Co. G, 27th C.V.
Gilbert Bogart, Lieut. Co. E, 12th C.V.D.C.
William S. Bouton, Sergt. Co. G, 28th C.V.
Thomas Brady, War 1812; for Oliver, 5th C.V.
Nathaniel W. Brotherton, Co. G, 14th U.S.I.
John T. Brown, Co. C, 27th C.V.
George W. Burtis, Co. G, 5th C.V.
Augustus Burton, Co B, 29th C.V.
Isaac Camp, Co. F, 17th C.V.
Charles Cargill, Co. F, 17th C.V.
Edwin Carpenter, Co. K, 17th C.V.
James Charlton, U.S.N.
Samuel Clark, U.S.N.
Horace A. Cockefur, Co. I, 28th C.V.
John Cockefur, Co. H, 8th C.V.
Theodore Coleman, Co. G, 196th Pa. Vols.
Joseph Comstock, Co. G, 23rd C.V.
John Cotter, U.S.N.
Peter Cronk, Co. H, 128th N.Y. Vols.
James W. Crozier, 1th U.S.I.
Albert Deforest, Co. A, 14th C.V.
William De F. Prentiss, Capt, 31st N.Y. Vols.
Justice Disbrow, Co. I, 41st Ohio Vols.
Charles E. Doty, Lieut., Co. F, 17th C.V.; first Union soldier buried in Norwalk
Arthur W. Dudley, Co. B, 17th C.V.
James L. Dyes, Co A, 17th C.V.
Robert L. Ells, 1st Lieut., Co. A, 17th C.V.
Orris S. Ferry, Major General, U.S. Vols.
Hiram L. Finch, Co. F, 6th N.Y. Vols
George W. Fink, Co. H, 5th U.S. Art.
Edward Hawley Fitch, Co. G, 5th N.Y. Cav.
Robert Flynn, Co. A, 17th C.V.
Henry Foster, Co. L, 1st Conn. Cav.
William H. Fox, Co. A, 17th C.V.
Gould J. Jennings, Capt., Co. G, 58th N.Y. Vols.
Frederic P. Godfrey, Co. H, 1st C.V., and Co. M, 1st Conn H.A.
William O. Godfrey, Co. F, 17th C.V.
Hiram W. Gorham, Co. G, 17th C.V.
Ferdinand Griffith, U.S.N.
Edward Grindrod, Co. A, 17th C.V.
Alfred Hall, Co. E, 5th N.Y.H.A.
William H. Hamilton, Co. G, 28th C.V.
Edwin Hawley, Co. I, 10th C.V.

James Hearn, Co. I, 17th C.V.
Moses Ansbury Hill, Major U.S. Army
William Hoey, 36th N.Y. Vols.
Edwin G. Hoyt, U.S.N.
John E. Hoyt, Co. A, 28th C.V.
Monson Hoyt, 1st Sergt. Co. E, 5th C.V.
Allen P. Hubbell, Co. C, 27th C.V.
Robert S. Hubble, Record Unknown
Charles E. Hyatt, Co. A, 22nd N.Y.S.M.
John Jarvis, 1st Sergt. Co. A, 17th C.V.
Capt. Samuel Keeler, Conn. Mil.
Sylvester Keeler, Co. F, 17th, C.V.
George Kellogg, Co. C, 27th C.V.
Eli R.L. Kent, Co. A, 4th N.Y.H.A.
Edwin R. Lineburg, Co. H, 8th C.V.
Albert H. Lockwood, Co. E, 23rd C.V.
Gersham Lockwood, War 1812
Alexander Lounsbury, Co. A, 17th C.V.
Joshua Lounsbury, Co. A, 17th C.V.
George Lowe, Co. B, 2nd Conn. H.A.
Edward F. Lyon, 2nd Conn. H.A.
George Marvin, Co. G, 28th C.V.
Francis L. Mead, 10th N.Y. Vols.
William Henry Merrill, Co. G, 5th C.V.
James H. Mitchell, Co. G, 28th C.V.
Edward Moffit, Co. D, 7th C.V.
Owen Murphy, Co. E, 5th C.V.
Charles Murray, Co. F, 17th C.V.
Cornelius Nash, Co. B, 29th C.V.
Nathan Nash, Co. G, 28th C.V.
Edward Nelson, Co. E, 5th C.V.
Palmer, Co. A, 6th C.V.
Wallace R. Parks, Co. F, 1st N.Y. Mounted Rifles
Robert N. Perry, Co. F, 17th C.V.
Ebenezer J. Pattenden, Co. H, 17th C.V.
Frank M. Platt, Co. G, 10th C.V.
Henry M. Prowett, Co. E, 12th C.V.
Gustave Richter, Record Unknown
Charles H. Sargent, Co. A, 13th N.Y.
Jacob Schwartz, Co. I, 9th N.Y. Vols.
Henry M. Seers, Co. A, 14th C.V.
Edward Shepard, 8th Ind., Battery N.Y.
Jesse Sherwood, Co. C, 28th C.V.
Andrew Smith, 17th Vermont Inf.
Charles L. Smith, Co. F, 17th C.V.
Ebenezer F. Stevens, U.S.N.
George H. Stevens, Co. H, 17th C.V.
Alfred Swords, Co. A, 18th C.V.
Roswell Taylore, Co. B, 113th C.V.
Francis A. Volk, Co. C, 21st Pa. Vols.
Henry A. Whetmore, Capt, 2nd N.Y. Cav
Henry H. Williams, Co. A, 17th C.V.
Samuel Wyman, Co. A, 17th C.V.

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