Civil War

The Civil War in the United States began in 1861, after decades of simmering tensions between northern and southern states over slavery, states’ rights and westward expansion. The election of Abraham Lincoln in 1860 caused seven southern states to secede and form the Confederate States of America; four more states soon joined them. The War Between the States, as the Civil War was also known, ended in Confederate surrender in 1865. The conflict was the costliest and deadliest war ever fought on American soil, with some 620,000 of 2.4 million soldiers killed, millions more injured and much of the South left in ruin.

The list below are the Norwalk residents who died during the war. Not all were killed in action. Several died of disease or from wounds received. Officially:

Killed or Mortally Wounded: 32
Died as a Prisoner of War: 7
Died of Disease: 43


Disabled: 93
Deserted: 89
Discharged: 117
Mustered Out: 422

If there is any additional information that will help the telling of their stories, please send those to Thank you.


Private Joseph H. Armstrong
Private Lewis Hayden Arnold II
Private Stanton Babcock
Private Wesley Banks
Private Nelson Beach
Private Lewis Beecher
Corporal Charles Sanford Beers
Private George Beers
Private Theodore B. Benedict
Private Alfred Blackman
Private William Levi Bodwell
Corporal Oliver Sammis Brady
Private James L. Brundage
Private Giles Peter Buell
Corporal Henry Burns
Private Patrick Burns
Private John T. Byxbee
Private John Callahan
Corporal Samuel Clark
Private William Clark
Private John Cockafur
Private Sherman B. Dayton
Sergeant Justice Disbrow
Private George Dixon
Private Thomas F. Dowd
Corporal William Dunn
Private Stephen Harrison Ferris
Private Edward Hawley Fitch
Lieutenant Colonel Douglass D. Fowler
Private William Grames
Corporal Minot C. Hale
Private Benjamin F. Hanford
Private George B. Hendricks
Lieutenant Thomas Hooton
Private George Alfred Hoyt
Corporal William Hoyt
Sergeant William B. Hurd
Private Charles G. Hyatt
Private Henry Jackson
Private John Wesley Jackson
Captain Gould James Jennings
Private Bernhardt Kierchoff
Private James Lintan
Private Joshua Lounsbury
Corporal Melancthon S. Lyon
First Sergeant George Macauless
Private Thomas McCue
Private Thomas McLaughlin
Private Charles E. Merrill
Private John W. Metcalf
Private James Murphy
Private Owen Murphy
Corporal Cornelius Nash
Private Wilbur Nash
Private Calvin Nobles
Private Oscar O. Olmstead
Private Eusibe Ouimet
Private Carl Pample
Private Charles H. Pierce
Private Peter Pound
Sergeant Henry M. Prowitt Jr
Private Henry M. Raymond
Corporal Cornelius Reardon
Private John Roach
Private Charles B. Scribner
Private William Smedley
Sgt Edwin R. Smith
Corporal Oscar L. Smith
Private Talcut B. Smith
Private C. Henry Taylor
Private Henry S. Taylor
Private Richmond E. Thomas
Private George O. Tuttle
Corporal James Waterworth
Private Fennimore C. Weeks
Corporal William Wood Westlake
Private Frederick F. Wheeler
Private Nathan Sylvester Wheeler
Lieutenant Colonel Albert H. Wilcoxson
Private Henry F. Williams
Private John Youngs


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