August 7, 1923 (Norwalk, CT) – Unknown date
Married and one son (need to verify)
Local address: 30 Avenue D, Norwalk and 4 Smith Street, East Norwalk
Enlisted on March 3, 1943
Serial number 31329056

Held in Nazi POW camp Stalag 2B Hammerstein (99 work camps in vicinity of Koslin & Stolp) West Prussia 53-17.

From The Norwalk Hour December 4, 1943

Mr. and Mrs. John Ogrinc, 4 South Smith Street, received work last night that their son, Private Anthony Ogrinc, has been reported missing in action in Italy since November 6. Private Ogrinc, with the infantry in the Fifth Army, had been in the service for about nine months, and had been overseas for the past three months. Before going into the Army, he was with the Norwalk Valve Company. He was a graduate of Roger Ludlow Junior High School and had attended Stamford Trade School.

From The Norwalk Hour September 26, 1945

Lake Placid Club, New York – Private Anthony Ogrinc of 4 Smith Street, East Norwalk, Connecticut, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Ogrinc who recently returned from overseas duty, had reported to the Army Ground and Service Forces Redistribution Station at Lake Placid Club, New York. Private Ogrinc entered the service in March 1943 and fought overseas for 22 months with the 34th (Red Bull) Infantry Division in the European Theater of Operations. He participated in the campaigns in Italy and was a prisoner of war.

Burial information is unknown, as is date of death.

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USAF retiree. Veteran advocate. Committed to telling the stories of those who died while in the service of the country during wartime.

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